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Terka's gift

Terka's gift


Deepenning the consciousness of two Jewish men in the tapestry The Trybute Money, had born next idea to weave Terka’s Gift, to immortalize in wool these creations of mind.

The Ark of the Covenant - the Presence of God - is at the top corner of the tapestry, up the stairs, behind the veils; there is the correct number of them.


In this tapestry the central gift is that from Terka; the apple is the symbol of Eva – a new life giver. In the centre of apple is heart with cells of new life.

I added unlimited number of question marks, the content of that coffin in Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal. 


The circumstances are described in Angels Stories, Back to Faith. Below is a shorter version.

A book by Jan Dobraczynski, I think The desert - Pustynia, about Jewish exodus from Egypt, made a very strong impression on me. Also a girl who hid herself behind the Ark of the Covenant – forbidden place for women, but was not killed by God for such a blasphemy. In gratitude, she offered to God her unborn child.


My mind was so concentrated on that emotional moment that I joined her wish with the same offering.  A second later, I realized that it was impossible in my situation – thus I added immediately, also without contemplating, “All aborted children instead.”

I could never recall the name of that girl, who used to pop in into my memory, and that used to bring me an emotional trauma – I had to find it out, no matter what.

During my stay in Canada, I experienced the trauma with greater emotional charge; it would be impossible to find there the name from Polish literature.

At somebody’s home, I suddenly rushed to a big shelf with hundreds of books in English. I opened the first one and could read the very sentence that Terka lifted her tambourine encouraging Israelites to step into the emerging path between divided waters of the Red Sea. That was the name and the theme incorporated into the book by Jan Dobraczynski.


Few weeks later, I had a dream; in the middle of Canadian Notre-Dame, in front of the altar there was a coffin changing its shape constantly. The walls of coffin were very flexible and in constant movement.

I was very busy to form the coffin again and woke up feeling very exhausted; that coffin looked like a huge womb, I realised.

It was the  2nd of February, the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple, now also World Day of Consecrated Life.

Immediately, my oath about aborted children came to my mind, and awareness that the dream meant a symbolic sign from God that He did fit my offering into God's time.


“I can only believe it – if I meet somewhere Jan Dobraczynski in person,” I said to myself loudly and added; “which is impossible. I would not even recognize him.”

During that year, I visited Damascus. Somebody told me that a delegation from Polish Government has arrived to Syria.

I boarded the plane back to Poland and took a seat in second row. Minutes later the service apologised and asked passengers to leave these first seats, as they were reserved.

I could see few men entering; I recognized Jan Dobraczynski - he took that seat which I had just left.


In Bulgaria, we had additional stop to take more fuel. On the way back to the plane, I looked around and noticed the writer behind all passengers.

I closed my eyes to allow “LET IT BE”; thus my movement was directed by the crowd of passengers.

On the stairs, I opened my eyes and looked to the left; in pair with me was walking J. Dobraczynski.


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