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Life is sacred and secret. Leave something to God, to Nature, to the magic of life.

Do not reveal everything; do not show others – what you cannot see yourself.
The growth can continue in any place, the wings of butterflies suggest that constant transformation is taking place.
Heaven is coming to Earth http://ukviagras.com/ed/viagra-uk/.
Everyone becomes like The Chalice; the bigger the chalice – more Light can it absorb – on the way Home, to Enlightenment. 
During Cosmic Moment on 21 Dec 2012 at 11:11 and onwards, everyone will be able to absorb new energies of higher frequency, but only to the level of Personal Growth, personal level of inner Light.
I received such message in my dream.
While contemplating on this issue just recently, I took few pictures from my window looking for Orbs; every time the angelic energy created the image of a chalice, see ORBs Gallery.

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