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Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy

The adventure with the third tapestry forced me to choose the picture of Divine Mercy – Jesus I trust in you, as my next task. I felt also entitled for doing it, because during Confirmation I had chosen Faustyna as my religious name, after the Saint Faustyna Kowalska.

Before starting to weave the Divine Mercy, I travelled to Faustyna’s grave for inspiration. On my way I visited few churches in Cracow; first time in my life and four times on that day, I joined the beginning of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy; the prayer dictated by Jesus to Faustyna, a nun.

It is enough if only once in the lifetime you recite the whole Chaplet. One can do it for another.

I recited it few times for the whole world. 

I did not know how to weave the gush of Water from Jesus’s heart, and I felt the urge to seek for the advice in the Bible. My common sense refused to follow the need. I knew that the Bible would not contain such description, I did not want to experience disappointment.

However the strong lack of idea, the pressure to look inside were so strong that I took the risk. I closed my eyes and put the finger inside the Bible on a word . . . As the answer, my finger rested on a word with an asterisk leading to further broad description at the bottom of the page; in the essence it informed – like a dew at the dawn.

It dawned on me, that this picture of Divine Mercy marks a dawn of the new area in human history.

I was really moved by this example of a dew – the most beautiful gem on Earth in the earliest hours of the day, and I boldly put into that gush of water the most beautiful colours of wool which I possessed.  I had a short woollen string in extremely beautiful shade of blue but couldn’t find it anywhere to insert it into that image of the Water. It revealed itself to me, when I was about to weave Jesus’s eyes. That’s why piercing blue eyes and extraordinary stream of Water is what differs my tapestry from the pictures in churches, projected by Saint Faustyna Kowalska, a Polish Nun.


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