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Gift to the Queen from Dreams Come True




On Christmas Eve I was watching "The QUEEN" - and I felt hurt on PM wife's  scornful  remark: "the Queen, does she have a heart?" (as I remember it).  It hurt me because in my notorious dreams,  I had perceived  The Queen  as a warm-hearted and very caring Monarch.

 Next day, during the Queens Xmas speech  I felt a sudden impulse to take the photo of her, and to my amazement the flash of camera focused on this very special place, at 15:07 on Christmas Day 2010-12-25. It had never happened in my photographic experience.


And then the same Light got engaged during Diamond Jubilee Celebration; on 2011-06-06 at 14:40.


The  greetings sent to the crowd of people turned into the blessing for the country, this is how I interpreted it.  In between, the thoughtful Consciousness of this world, or Holy Spirit, or God, had designated  Successors to the Throne. I decided to post these additional pictures as I've just heard on Polish TV - that the Queen doesn't think about abdicating.



I started writing at 16:30 on 09.09.2015 and this article was uploaded at 17:30, the Moment  when most  Luminous Woman has been holding steadily the reins of British History during most difficult time in world's environment; with "horses" on both sides appropriate to take over, yet on her right stands the right ONE, the first http://kamagrastores.net/kamagra/.



Today, now, at this Great Moment  of British History,  the Life intended to unfold  these pictures  to us .  I have carried the burden of publishing them for so long.

Just now I have learned that the  BIG DAY of The Queen Elizabeth II Reign IS  today, as I am abroad. 

Purposely I do not follow the life of Royal Family, but I am not ignorant - just try to be honest - so as to say honestly that  the Queen's 20 year visits in my dreams are not trigered by my personal interest. 

These are the only so meaningful pictures taken during my whole long life.

Granny of Bes and Syrk 


(- These books are dated Syrk, please rewrite them.)

(- No worries Gra, nobody has read yet.) 


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