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Da-Vinci in wool

Da-Vinci in wool


Lady with the Ermine - Cecilia Gallerani, by Leonardo DA VINCI – oil on wood – Czartoryski Museum, Krakow: Dama z lasiczka
The ermine was heraldic emblem of Duke Ludovico Sforza, Leonardo’s patron in Milan.
When 2 pictures of my own design were ready, I wanted to make tapestry of the Holy Family. Somebody gave me such a picture, and I was sitting like a stone against it, absorbing the energy, becoming one with the most beautiful picture.
However, under compulsion of my dreams I had to start The Lady with the Ermine by Leonardo DA VINCI.
I really did not want to do another copy of any famous picture and prepared everything to weave the Holy Family on the next day.
The night dream took me to my home from childhood.
“I was complaining to my neighbours, the Nieruchaj of Czarna, that I want to do different pictures but my dreams interfere with my wish.
I explained to them that the dreams demand that I should start the Lady with an Ermine.
 And in that moment we all paid attention to an Ermine, running wildly around the Nieruchaj's yard.” 
In my whole life, I had only heard and seen such animal in this famous picture; the one from my dream looked so real, agile, bursting with life force . . . 
I took the dream seriously, knowing that the place of birth as the background served for the most important messages and teaching given to me. 
The most of attention during weaving of that tapestry, I invested into that little animal – which is the symbol of purity, I have learned recently.

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