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It is a cry for help to remove poverty from Earth.
As far as I can remember, I could see tiny dots like liquid crystals vibrating in the air. (This must be what Chinese call the Chi or prana.) 
White spots representing this energy are in the picture. They gather into hands raised to heaven for help. 
From above another pair of golden hands lowers down with a gift, the Sun as the symbol of any goodness and growth. 
Only I did not have the slightest idea how to start this sun. It was a very rainy summer, not any sunny moment for many weeks. 
I suddenly felt a desire to pray for inspiration. I rushed to another room close to the balcony glass door. I fell on my knees and closed eyes for a moment.
After a minute I noticed, that something began to happen. A narrow tunnel was being created in dark clouds, which were reaching the ground.
Through that tunnel I could see the sun for about 90 sec, but as a white ball. I felt impressed, but not convinced. It looked like a Communion – I said to myself.
I wouldn’t have such courage to create white sunshine in the picture of nature.
What’s more, the obtrusive, compulsive thought brought another discomfort - I should place that . . . on the symbol of heart!
I wouldn’t do it for the sake of reputation. The idea was childish, silly, shameful. 
My almost adult son was attending the best Technical School in the country – STZN; he objected when I was creating such simplicity as Allseeing. 
I was known in our city as a person with experience in Management in IT, political engagement in Solidarity movement and many others.
Yet the pressure was so painful that I weaved a bit of red, as secret idea of heart - hidden behind that sun. Into the image of sun, in the middle, I obediently weaved a lot of white wool.
At that point, I decided to end my hobby – because strange forces started to influence me in negative way. 
Well, that decision was needed, to make it possible to obey next compulsive dreams - sending me to London.
Here, I became soon a Healer. During every meditation and before healing, Healers raise the energy of Earth to the heart centre to mix it with the Divine energy coming from above. From the heart centre, the heart chakra, we send healing energy of Love and Peace to another person. 
Look at the Orb pictures – I send Healing to Mrs Joanna Love, while Mrs Brenda Peace in the role of the Officer of the Stand, represents NFSH during International Festival Mind, Body & Spirit in London. 
At last, my shame came to the Light. I start every description with words: there is heart here, only covered by the symbol of Communion of the energy of Earth and the Divine, Universal energy.
The Golden hands represent the Christ Consciousness, the Second Coming of Christ, the state of Consciousness governed by Unconditional Love, when the Heart Centre is the place of understanding, decisions making, addressing the core issue into the Heart of another.
During my son’s wedding, on the 14 Oct 2000, we recorded in Poland, in our window, the temperature of 36C, record of 600 years.
I was travelling from London by coach few days before; last weeks were  very cold and rainy. Suddenly the front part of coach where I was sitting became shiny. I looked at the sky – in thick clouds a narrow tunnel was formed and I could see the sun. It followed me quite a while, all that time only my part of coach was full of sunshine.
I already knew that I would not need that luggage of woollen underwear for the young couple.

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