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Angel Story

Few months before writing my first picture book Invitation to LONDON, in the series LONDON, the City of Angels and Olympics, I had heard a voice announcing: "This plant bearing three hearts is yours". I could see it and admire, a delicate stem giving birth to three hearts creating image of a six-petal flower.

I did not see the giver, however every aspect of voice embeded in my consciousness kept sending assurance that the plant was given to me by God.

I woke up in the morning; - thus it was only a dream! Still it felt nice to recall the vision of three-hearted plant, which exists in heavenly plane.  I felt enriched at soul level.

While cleaning the window sometime later, I noticed the gift from my dream growing in one of flower pots, entangled into God’s Tree plant.  I had only one kind of potflower, which hardly needs any watering. It is called God’s Tree, or Tree of Luck, or Money Tree, in many languages.

Two pots stayed at the part of window, which never opens. As the allergy sufferer, I clean, purify, ionize the air with all possible means. How could any seeds get there, on the third floor into only of pots, if two alike God's Tree plants were growing next to each other? I couldn’t have noticed these new residents earlier because all their leaves were turned towards the window pane, facing the natural light.

It’s the source of pure inspiration if I watch a 7-year-old God’s Tree being covered by hearts, sharing the pot and growing together with lots of new siblings radiating what ... God's Love? 

The message was passed to me in my dream, the pot was only a yard away from my head during my sleep, yet during the following days I was not aware of new seedlings; I did not belive in my dream, I did not expect this unusual gift from the most special Being to materialise!

The new plant looks very simple; three green separated hearts connected at the narrow end  without petiole just slide into its slender stem and that’s all. When it’s getting dark, the midribs turn down and align with this very delicate stem.

Yet, after watching this process closer – the technology behind it is much more complex. The secrets relies on two neighbouring halves of every heart which join at their edges and slowly nestle together until the whole surfaces of these two "a half of another heart" seal perfectly  – they both become ONE, yet performing still  as a half of the newly created heart. I always get lost in mathematics because in front of my eyes there are always only three hearts yet every heart consists of two different parts, athough there is  no sign of separation. Every heart looks innocent - no exchange done, no visiual difference in their relationship.

During that process when the two halves of two neighbouring leaves are snuggling up (i.e. three pairs of them at the same time), the midribs - like a vertebrae of every leaf - are being forced to bend down. All that is difficult to understand and accept because the far edge of a living form seems to be stronger than its core. What is the gear for such force, which impose the heart to concave and surrender to its slender stem, the primary parent and the source of becoming? Could it represent a heartbeat?

The final result is that during dusk all hearts are compacted and transformed into the same Trinity of Hearts in front of your eyes – with their middle sections strictly aligned to their delicate stem. In this act of surrender, they look as if being in a state of constant giving and receiving, sharing mutual support. However, while looking down on a single stem of the plant, you can see nothing more then empty space divided by three tiny lines spreading from one centre; no sign of any leaf or heart, the previous vision seems to be an illusion, you can get lost in their three-dimensional world.

While pondering on general message emanating from this existence - what has signalled to my consciousness was the lesson about awareness, which I had received much earlier, also directly from God. In this new situation, such conclusion started to flow: “Be open and seek to develop only in clear, bright environment. When in doubt or darkness, go to your core and look for the support and wait for enlightenment. However neither live nor act in separation; you are part of the whole destined to be involved in chain of relationships”. Wow, the last part was definitely addressed only to me. 

For years, I kept over my bed a set of five crystals – Platonic solids – the sacred geometric patterns of creation. Everything in our physical three-dimensional world is based on these five forms embeded in Sacred Geometry. These Platonic instruments can help bring your vibration into harmony with the rhythm of nature. They are supposed to organize your thought patterns in the same refined, regenerative way as nature has evolved over the years, according to Golden Ratio - the 1.618 as the key note of Love dispersed into spirals of spiral creations.  

My plant can express Divine Trinity in greater simplicity: every part is separate and equil, united in one stem which holds all of them. To strenghten your Faith, this Trinity will chalange your perception by misleading appearance, unless you are strongly focused on the core of existence. Only then can it fully release joy, balance, and harmony into your reality, in all circumstances of your daily life. And then we could uplift each other if we would interact with one another, as if you were an image of God.

At once I believed that the plant was a kind of sacred symbol created especially to enhance my awareness of Love as the only creative force, but later green hearts covered another empty pot.

I made a research on Google. Such plant exists, is treated as a weed, although has distinctive nutritive value if taken in moderation. All that speaks for itself, in every aspects of contemplation.


I needed to open Bank Account to this tiny business of selling my eBook on internet. I think the bank procedure is the same, as if for a great multibillion entrepreneur. Melissa, the Manager in Barclays asked me suddenly: “What’s the name of your business”? I shrunk in my body awkwardly and then the GIFT popped into my memory. Dreams Come True Melissa heard, ... and then checked;  banking system accepted the phrase, which became very popular before London Olympics. The heart-shaped leaf became my LOGO; please pay attention to the pictures here and on Home page.

 I asked Angels to find me a Publisher for my book. Now I am not surprised that I published my books at Trafford, so far away from my home; eventually I discovered that at that time of booking,  such three-hearted leaf used to be the LOGO for Trafford, too. At least I live in awareness that the right company brought my literary oddity about Angels into reality.

May the three-hearted leaf chalange your awareness. 

picture of cloverpicture of cloverpicture of cloverpicture of clover

2. Still crying when writing this

I have been meditating for years with intention to heal the world, transmute negativity. With help of my guardian angel, I keep asking other spiritual forces to enhance the power of my intentions.

 Sometimes I wondered whether my everyday hard mental work had any impact and sense.

During every meditation, I felt stressed because over my head the attic was full of debris, bird waste. I had reported it over a year ago to local authorities.

Before every meditation at home, I apologised to Divine for interaction through the filter of dirt.

On Angels Awareness Day, which is celebrated on every 10th of October, I made strong decision to write a book bringing to attention the abundance of angelic symbols in London; the richness of angelic representation can be found on the whole Celtic Lands.


For the workshop with angels, I was leaving London at 5am. It was dark, but from the coach, at the corner of Hide Park, I noticed a great angel on top of a great monument; it was that amazing Quadriga. Soon, opposite Hilton, I noticed a unicorn on the gate to famous Hide Park. I was not fully aware of these symbols and their beauty, although for 15 years I had been walking across the area.

At home, I had opportunity to watch tenants, very intelligent professionals with unseeing eyes, with minds crying for mindfulness, like mine. For that purpose that there is no one person left unaware of this angelic art, which can be met anywhere on the wall, I decided to break my first oath from childhood, and instead of While Chasing Love, write something about angels first.

I also carried another duty. Two years ahead, I experienced the Cosmic Moment of 21 Dec. 2012. When the world was fed with stories about cataclysms by videos, films, many writers, and many prophets, I was made aware that Cosmic Moment could serve as great opportunity to absorb the highest frequencies of energy into your system.


Be still and like a chalice, concentrate on Divine and let be filled up. While thinking about that dream and message from Archangel Metatron, I took few pictures from my window; Orbs with chalice are on many of them. I wanted to entwine into children story this lightened approach that “there is no worries”. 

Of course we couldn’t omit the issue of Olympics, thus every now and then the Invitation to London followed as come for Olympics. (Now London is even more attractive, enriched by energy of success).

I asked Angels to bring me the best Publisher and decided to send the Manuscript of my first book: LONDON, the City of Angels and Olympics: Invitation to London strictly at 10:10:10 on 10th of October, to tap into the highest power of Angels attendance.

I kept my finger on the button to send email – but at that very 10th second, there was unusual noise over my head.  I rushed immediately upstairs to the attic.

There was a group of men in masks over their faces, but do not be afraid. Nothing horrific was happening there.  Sorry, I have to be more accurate there was something horrific, that’s why I am still crying while writing this. The group of men in masks started to attack the dirt! 

The Divine, too, kept the finger on the button to show me the support; at the right moment!

                                                         picture of cloverpicture of cloverpicture of clover

3. Angels link to Direct Line Story 

Direct Line


I was in doubt whether to include my story about getting a miraculous loan from Direct Line, which unexpectedly paid off my debt,  into a book " 777 Angels Stories" by Diana Cooper. 

With such thoughts on my mind,  I boarded Northern Line tube to get home quicker. I was lucky to be offered a seat  and my eyes rested on an advert just opposite me. It was about  DIRECT LINE services.

 I love this company; I owe them such a great debt of gratitude. Long before, I had noticed that only good energy can become engaged in answers to our prayers.

I wanted to tell about DIRECT LINE's great impact on solving my problems, but I was not sure if my story was strictly angelic to be included in the book " Angel Stories".

While contemplating on that, I heard: The next is Angel St . . . I jumped! Oh my God, I took the train in the opposite direction!

The thought popped in, that going to Angel Station in error serves as confirmation, that my story about  Direct Line service to me should be enlisted as an Angel Story.

 Direct line to my home is the southbound train on this Northern Line. I even wrote about this route in LONDON, the City of Angels and Olympics: Towards Greatness

Only once before, had I made the same mistake under the ground. “It was God’s intervention” - I named that confusion and … in the result, I stay in London for good, became a British citizen.

 picture of clover

4.  Direct Line Story

One evening an Elizabeth called me and asked for a healing. She insisted on home visit. We made appointment for the next day. I checked  the address on a map; I knew that area. It could be better to make a long walk instead of trying  to get  there by bus - loud "thumping" noise of a booklet with a leaflet falling through the door activated my heart.

It was from Direct Line; just offers of insurances, loans . . . I needed money very badly, but I already gave up on applying for loans as a few had been already refused in the last two years. I had a bad credit score at my age, some loans came with such a high interest rate, that I had to resign from them.

Yet I was astonished  that the offices of Direct Line were just next door to that of Elizabeth. I should not neglect such synchronicity. In this case it can mean encouragement, it may be a message - I was thinking in excitement.

 Haven’t  I asked God for help to pay off my debt?

Two different offers, on healing and money, came at the same moment from the same point on Earth – and I am going there tomorrow anyway.

I called the number to make appointment with DIRECT LINE. Only they were taking application over the telephone – and straight away we went through the process of Application for a Loan.

Next morning I met Elizabeth, she lived on the premises of a church.  She said she just wanted to receive healing, didn’t have any ailments. We entered another room; Elizabeth put a chair close to the window.

The window was maybe only a yard away from the offices of DIRECT LINE. I had a feeling that my application for loan was being processed there. I engulfed the building of DIRECT LINE in the healing energy of Love and Peace.    


Direct Line personal loans, let us get you a better quote.

On my arrival home, the telephone was ringing. It was from my creditor.  I heard:  “This time I really need the money back, very urgently.” It was the third request in the last year.

“I’ll transfer it for you tomorrow,” I said with confidence, in a quiet, peaceful tone.

Shortly I had another call. This time DIRECT LINE informed me that £9,000.00 ( at very descent interest rate) had been just transferred into my account. 

The miracle here is this one: Elizabeth was a healer herself. She lived in the church premises as the caretaker. On the other side of that building in Croydon, there is a Meeting House where a Healing Group gathers once a week offering healing services to the public.

Yet Elizabeth had an urge to look for a Healer  in a Healing Magazine which she just received.  Elizabeth was the only client I had from this advert, although I had kept my advert there for years.

Elizabeth enjoyed that healing from me - and straight away we arranged another appointment, which I could not keep. Few weeks later, I called her that I was back home and ready to visit her. Elizabeth answered: “Oh, thank you, I do not need more healing. I am clear of cancer now.”

Thank you God for DIRECT LINE and for everything. However hard our life is, if one is open, in real trouble one can feel the touch of God.

I want to share here what I have noticed over many years of receiving Divine help/ God answers our prayers through good-natured people, positive energy, which also some ethical companies gather in larger quantities than their competitors.


5. The tunnel

Without any artistic skills, I gained from my friend the knowledge of weaving tapestry and developed a great passion for it.

I decided to weave the picture of the area of my birth. During my staying in Canada – I had a vision of it during every dream, which I eventually interpreted as a call to my homeland. 




I returned to Poland and could feel even more the contrast between these two countries. My picture meant to be a cry for help to remove poverty from Earth.

As far as I can remember, I could see tiny dots like liquid crystals vibrating in the air. (This must be what Chinese call the Chi or prana.) White spots representing this energy are in the picture.

The energy gathers into hands raised up to heaven for help. 

From above another pair of golden hands lowers down with a gift: the Sun as the symbol of every goodness and growth. 

Half of the picture was ready, I should have started weaving the sun, but I did not have the slightest idea how to do it. That summer was abundant in rain, not a glimpse of sun during the past few weeks, no hope in weather forecast.


 Is it not strange that somebody doesn’t know how to depict the sun?  This must be a message of some kind. I must  pray for inspiration - such idea popped into my mind. I rushed to another room close to the balcony transparent door. I fell on my knees and closed eyes for a moment.

After a minute I noticed, that something began to happen to dark clouds that almost were touching the ground. Shortly a narrow tunnel was formed showing me the sun at the level of brightness comfortable to my eyes. It was possible to watch the phenomenon only from that corner of the room, which I spontaneously chose for praying.

Through that tunnel, I could see the sun for about 90 sec, but as a white ball. I felt impressed, but not convinced. It looked like a Communion during mass in church – I said to myself.

I wouldn’t have such courage to create white sunshine in the picture of nature.


What’s more, the obtrusive, compulsive thought brought another discomfort - you should place the sun on the symbol of heart!

I wouldn’t do it for the sake of reputation. The idea was childish, silly, shameful. 

My almost adult son was attending locally the best Technical School in the country – STZN; he objected when I was creating such simplicity as All-seeing Eye.

I was known in our city as a person with experience in Management in IT, political engagement in Solidarity movement . . .  and many others services for the public.

Yet the pressure was so overwhelming, painful, that I weaved a bit of red, as secret idea of heart - hidden behind that sun. Into the image of sun, in the middle, I obediently weaved some of white wool.


At that point, I decided to end my hobby – because strange forces started to influence me in negative way.

Well, that decision came in time; to make it possible to obey next compulsive dreams - sending me to London.

Here, I became soon a Healer with National Federation of Spiritual Healers, NFSH.

During every meditation and before healing, Healers raise the energy of Earth to the heart centre to mix it with the Divine energy coming from above. From the heart centre called the heart chakra – we send healing energy of Love and Peace to another person. 

Granny sends Mrs J

Look at the Orb pictures – I send Healing to Mrs Joanna Love, while Mrs Brenda Peace in the role of the Officer of the Stand, represents NFSH during International Festival Mind, Body & Spirit in London. 

At last, the feeling of my shame became enlightened. From then I keep telling about the tapestry in this way: there is heart here, in my hands, only covered by the symbol of Communion of the energy of Earth with the Divine, Universal energy.

The Golden hands represent the Christ Consciousness, the Second Coming of Christ, the state of Consciousness governed by Unconditional Love, when the Heart Centre is the place of understanding, decisions making, addressing the core issue into the Heart of another.

Lynn Mc Target finds this energy in The Field; from our Healing Stand, I watched her selling the book during Mind Body Spirit Festival in London. Soon I became the member/student of Living The Field.


6. Tunnel again

I planned for August 2000 my son’s wedding ceremony; the bride had a beautiful dress, short sleeved.

However, the wedding had to be postponed, next date was chosen for 14 October 2000. It was close to wintertime in Poland. Only two weeks later, from the 1st November, it was in a habit to show off even in a fur.

 I bought in England a lot of delicate woollen underwear for the bride. The horizon and the Europe had been enveloped in dark clouds for a long time, no hope for brighter days. I think, I did not ask God for help.

During my journey for the wedding ceremony, a ray of sunshine penetrated my seat. I glazed towards the heaven – through the clouds, familiar to me tunnel was being formed. The tunnel and beam of light accompanied us for many minutes. We were travelling at great speed; I kept checking – only the front part of the coach where I was sitting was bathed in sunrays. I did not have any doubts that sunrays will find me in my city in Poland.

Yet I would not dream that the temperature would be recorded at my window at 36 Celsius degrees!. Slightly cooler was in many parts of Europe.


7. Two tunnel Orbs

Book 3- Picture 24

I arrived for my son’s tin wedding anniversary with a gift – a pack of Orbs by Diana Cooper. Bes and Syrk were excited by colours and spread them on the table. For the whole evening we admired beautiful Orbs in the cards. 

We also took many pictures hoping to record Orbs, as it was obvious for me that Angels will participate in celebration.

Indeed, the evidence of Orbs of different colours was quite satisfying, yet the last picture taken by Bes was stunning. 



Two great beams of white light are passing through the room. We were looking for something round, we did not expect and did not notice them for the first few days, although the beams look as if two airplanes had just departed.
Just now during writing this story it popped to my mind: - the strange light does resemble those two tunnels from the past as written in the Stories above.


The bigger picture of that Orb is also in the book Towards Greatness by Bes and Syrk, and on

this webpage in ORBS Gallery, on page 2.


8. SHE could not wait

For over 10 years, as an atheist, I watched those ridiculous for me news about useless effort, burden to the traffic, shameful image of walkers on roads, in comparison to the elegant and modern West world I dreamed about.


Mother Mary’s  ashram (The Black Madonna of Częstochowa) is very sacred national shrine of Poland and the centre of Polish Catholicism. It is the third-largest Catholic pilgrimage site in the world.


Poles have many names for the mother of Jesus. Most popular are: the God Mother and the Queen of Angels, and the Queen of Poland, or The Most Blessed Virgin Mary.


(God Mother is also the name for the woman who brings the baby for baptism. My God Mother is late aunt Victoria and she lived in Sieradz, a distance of 200km from my city of Dabrowa Gornicza.)


Thousands of walking pilgrimages from all over country attend to meet the icon of Our Lady of Częstochowa, or another name – the icon of the Black Madonna of Częstochowa,


On some festive days, The Monastery of Jasna Góra in Częstochowa can count hundreds of thousands visitors. The most popular is the Feast of the Assumption on August 15. On this day, up to 500,000 people crowd the city.

File:JasnaGóra UroczystościWniebowzięciaMatkiBoskiej2005 2.JPG

For over 10 years, as an atheist, I watched those ridiculous for me news about useless effort, burden to the traffic, shameful image of my country in comparison to the elegant and modern West, I dreamed about...


 I was offered a good position in a new IT company, and moved to another city. From the room and balcony of my new home, I could see altar of the nearest church, St Barbara. Somehow, every time before the mass, the beautiful soul-melting song attacked my ears, “Come back my son come back, The Father is waiting for you”.


For one of Festive days in August, I took part in a small Pilgrimage of 2000 people and walking distance of three days only. On the way, I pondered, “It would be a shock to my God Mother if she could see me as a pilgrim”. Victoria was over 80 and lived much farther from Czestochowa, twice of my distance. She was a fervent devotee of Blessed Mary and daily, many times daily, she said Rosary – the prayer dictated by Mother Mary to humanity..


The moment our group entered the sacred area of Monastery, before entering the Chapel of the Black Madonna, I turned to the left as they were consecrating religious souvenirs there. I stretched out my hand with the metal image of Mother Mary. The overstretched hand next to mine belonged to Victoria.


 My God Mother only said, “Krystyna, I prayed so much for the conversion of your faith.”

Well, the Queen of Poland knew how many would come to visit her, how difficult it is to move in a big crowd, thus couldn’t wait and arranged our reunion in the first moment. It can only translate: SHE couldn’t wait!

And what if I did not follow my very strong stimulus to glance slightly to the left – the whole Divine arrangement would have failed! How many times has it happened to me? I know a lot of lost opportunities and there are more, unknown, when I did not follow strong inner urge.

The holy energy of universal intelligence very often makes these complex arrangements in vain.


File:Jasna Góra 260506 01.JPG

The Black Madonna of Częstochowa is famous for many miracles; the healing ones are the most appreciated. 


Where on the scale put such special reunion of two relatives who lived at great distance and haven’t seen each other for many years?

I wanted to offer you the picture of the icon taken by myself, better quality please find on internet.


How to get there: 15-20 min walk from Czestochowa Railway Station. Turn right at first, then left, when you see this Aleja NMP


9. Gratitude-less

During that my Pilgrimage to Czestochowa, the group stopped for a mass in a church. The theme of preaching was gratitude.

At one moment, the priest made a pause to allow us to search in memory; everyone was to retrospect their life –– and silently express his or her personal gratitude to God.

Now I was after surgery of thyroid gland and getting stronger; for over thirty years the condition was not recognized. I would need two words to describe my existence: indescribable trauma.

For almost 40 years, I was so weak; too weak to take a deeper breath. The fear of fainting was a constant companion to me. The mind of a person with overactive thyroid can be much smarter, but the emotions are experienced a lot stronger.

I watched the world intensely, because as a child, I undertook the duty of writing, yet I did not have a single suitable day to start. My physically weak body could not follow clever mind; I wasted most precious part of my life. Eventually I became an atheist because I couldn’t  put up with the idea that God might exist and accept our Earthly reality.


I felt a great bitterness that my condition had not been discovered much earlier. The worst thing was that nobody believed I had any health condition. Basic blood tests always brought excellent results; you should get married again, you shouldn’t read so much … I had flashes of intellect, but most of the time I was just lifeless, not possible to socialize to swallow that doctor’s drug. (There was also emission of carbon dioxide at my flat, but that was discovered after another 15 years).

Most of the days, I started by crawling to the kitchen to put the kettle on.

I had to play a healthy person not to earn name hypochondriac. Our computer company was working all hours; as manager, I could appear at my flexible hours, whenever I was able leave my home. When somebody entered my office room, I was always able to greet radiantly, to become lifeless again when on my own.

In hospital, I met other patients who arrived for surgery without having even much symptoms. Somebody just told, check your thyroid. My surgery was only speeded up by a few days, after fainting in hospital; in the toilet area I did not take option to lie down and prevent it.


At that church, my retrospection generated imminent decision – I am not going to be grateful for my life.

In one second, everything turned red and in that one second, I fainted.  All previous fainting had different pattern, could take longer time bringing gradual darkness and blackouts.

I was taken out of the church. I became aware of myself and I could hear doctors’ request: “Please attend to other needs because we have here a very difficult case here.” They tried to give me an injection, which felt as if 5 hundred tones of substance tried to access my vein, in vain – I could not resist the pain.


 Soon I was OK. My every cell and organ were joggling, jiggling, wiggling waggling; I was either giggling or shaking with inner laughter. I watched the medical group how they were watching me, sometimes pointed finger at me. They must have been surprised by my unusual recovery. They wouldn’t be able to diagnose the patient: gratitude-less.


May be this experience impressed so deeply on my personality; I noticed that I was not able to say thank you, the must word if you stay in England. I was aware that many situations were overloaded with this expression, yet many times, I felt awkward by the scarcity of these words in my language. I just always feel enormous gratitude for any little thing, for any good intention somebody ever had having me in their mind.



While I was pondering on this issue, I think on Radio Four a discussion started about thanks giving, a listener said: “this stupid English Thank you”. 

The synchronicity of events puzzled me and eventually I came to conclusion that by saying simple word Thank you, you are able to let go, you will be detached from any encounter… and be yourself again. Then, again, you can go into any kind of new relationship without remembering about that past deal. Thank you is like closing the door while leaving the room. On special occasions only, you can choose to go back there and give additional reward.

By feeling constant gratitude I am never free, at energy level I am sending my energy back towards my benefactor; I am giving back more than I have received, it weakens my system. Luckily, as a healer, I can attune to universal healing energy and bring my energy field to balance.

Thanks to that program on the Radio, GRATIDUDE instead of THANK YOU has become my conscious choice, and I feel good about myself.

Not even one exception: no thank you for reading.


10. I am all yours

If only for this idyllic image, it was worth to take part in that Pilgrimage to Monastery of Jasna Gora in Czestochowa. Towards evening, the group of Pilgrims took a rest in a tiny young wood; very small trees on uneven ground, a lot of holes indicating felling of big trees, a lot of tiny hills, colourful fields around with different crops . . . the most beautiful weather, the day still lingering around unhappy to leave such unusual scenery.

A multicoloured group of 2000 pilgrims sitting at different levels burst into very simple song, few words: I am all yours, I raise my hands to you… to say I am all yours…

In their sitting position, everyone raised the pair of hands to heaven forming rather a semicircle over the head.

The magic of the scenery could take your breath away. I would freeze my life to exist in that moment only.


Over ten years later, I was again impressed by the magic of raised hands – I was watching a group of  healers from NFSH , during Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in London.

An Officer of the Stand, invited me to their healing group in Stanmore – as she recognized a natural Healer in me.

I had just taken a Kirlian photography of my aura, I said and showed it to her. It proved my healing abilities. I did not expect that Brenda could see auras perfectly.

After training and courses, for over ten years I was performing at these Festivals Mind, Body and Spirit, channeling healing universal energy of Love and Peace with NFSH, also during shows on the stage. (Last time they took part in Festival, I was appointed to be The Officer of the Stand).


From this Festival, I joined Living the Field with Linn Mc Target, Metamorphic Technique, Oneness,  Diana Cooper School . . . With my strong healing gift, it was easier for me to form Angel Healing Balls – which resulted in many secret successful healings.
Mrs Joanna Love invited me to that Festival. Thanks to the magic of raised hands; I stood and stared at healers – thus Mrs Brenda Peace could distinguish me in the crowd of visitors.
During daily meditations, I am still sending healing energy of Love and Peace to heal the world. 
Here Joanna Love poses for the future evidence; I told her about the need of writing my story how the Pilgrimage to Mother Mary pushed me on the path of Love and Peace.



11. Mother Mary’s invitation

I was travelling by train when I took interest in a booklet with Mother Mary’s picture in a passenger’s hands. He offered me to have a look. Somewhere from the middle, I started to read. It was about another famous Ashram of Mother Mary in Lichen.

After about an hour of reading, the passenger was leaving and asked for the book.

“Let me read to the very last moment,” I asked.

He pulled out the book from my hands when I was reading this sentence: - “If this booklet finds its way into your hands, it means that Mother Mary invites you to Lichen”.

My peripheral vision picked up that the next sentence was already familiar to me. 


It means I started to read from the next sentence and managed to read the whole book, just finishing on that last sentence; Invitation to Lichen. And then the man snatched the book from my hand and hurried up to get off.
His booklet invited me in more compulsive way than any other reader but I said to myself: Czestochowa must be first. I already felt what that invitation meant – Revise your Faith.
In 1850  a shepherd started to receive messages from Mother Mary in a wood close to Lichen. That's how it started.

12 Go First to Czestochowa

I kept thinking about travelling to Lichen, but common sense kept repeating; go to Czestochowa first, it is much closer, the same Mother Mary is there..

One Sunday, with my small son, the age as Bes and Syrk now, we took very early train. We desired to have enough time to visit the Monastery of Jasna Gora. There were already many passengers on the train, but we had a sitting place.

File:Kompleks klasztorny na Jasnej Górze.jpg

It was an average Sunday, thus only few thousands followers could come for the Mass.  

We treated that visit as a relaxing trip; slow walk from the station up the hill to Jasna Gora (Luminous Mountin) gives a kind of very special pleasure. We stopped at the open area, did not rush to go inside. Maybe my consternation about approaching that centre of Polish Faith after many years of revolting against it depleted my courage.

Before midday, more and more people were gathering on the hill in front of the buildings.

Suddenly I became aware of a tall man in front of us. He made an impression, as if without turning back he wanted to look at me. I became conscious that the man intends to pool out his right eye and send it backwards in my direction.

It was Marian, a great love, which ended a couple of years earlier. He was a very gifted architect and the only son of a very posh family, very devoted Christians.

Actually my lack of Faith, refusal to return to Christianity was the main reason of ending that relationship. I could see that Marian was not a strong personality to risk deeply rooted habits in family life.


Yet, there are many turnings on everyone’s path of life; Marian was the first to acknowledge about mine. He was there with bigger group, probably with his new wife. I asked my son to close his eyes while I take him to the magical icon of The Black Madonna. That save Marian from receiving joyful greetings from a small boy. At that time, the song The child is not my son had not been written yet.

I could feel I was under scrutiny of Mother Mary, thus with more confidence I entered the beautiful Chapel of the Black Madonna.

There were a lot of meaningful sequences, which I do not remember, I have never made any notes. In general I am still under impression of two important meetings of that day.

I wanted to make the most of the day, thus I was wondering around, although in fear not to meet Marian again. Many times, a  young woman caught my attention; in that big area of few thousand people I could see her very often. She arrived to Czestochowa on the same train and she had already caught my attention there. I knew that she must be the key to something awaiting me, however the woman seemed to be oblivious of my presence. Although very intrigued, I did not make any gesture towards her.


With my son, we wondered more around Czestochowa and boarded a train home in the evening. The woman entered the same compartment and she sat down next to me. I am not sure but she might have been sitting next to me in the morning, too.

I knew she held the key to something in my life, thus I started a diplomatic conversation – but no revelation. Nothing from few sentenced would indicate any common issue.

I was about to get off when she opened her bag full of books. Wow, I was a book lover, and in our country at that time of communism, you would have to have very good connections to buy a good book. Especially religious, they were not printed.

“What sort of books have you got?” I asked. She answered: “They are for our church library, all ordered, but I can give you this one.” And in the last second she put a book into my hand, there was no moment to pay, she meant it as a gift anyway.

Once at home, I read the book To Be A Woman to the last cover. It covered, at that time little known treatments of  hormonal imbalance, gave a thorough light on PMS.


For a person like me, with undiagnosed overactive thyroid, such book was a Godsend. I could understand myself better and be ready for feeling clumsy because of unusual water retention, swings of mood: oversensitivity, queen drama personality from being deeply hurt to anger.

I felt too emotional to start any discussion on most important matters, to avoid that clamping feeling in my throat, which could lead to fainting.

I had asked all possible Saints and God for help, because I behaved in different way than my wisdom or common sense would dictate, to avoid too strong emotional involvement.


From that day, I could plan and prepare myself for this repetitive period of time. Next day, I dropped the plate and I could feel the discomfort of bending down caused by kind of oedema, which must have weakened the grip of my hand. “That is why you dropped the plate” I told myself.” Do not get upset easily, do not overact, do not think too much, you will be influenced by PMS syndrome for the next ten days”. THE NEW BOOK RAISED MY AWARENESS OF MYSELF.

Not that much time has passed, such a great progress in hormonal healing happened that for young readers the story is obsolete. But the purpose of my writing is to tell about Divine help, true, experienced in most difficult stage of life. Be open and aware, you will have unusual contact like conversation with Divine in every minute, IT will talk to you in the language of facts, it will try to get in touch through your believe system. Do not cut yourself from the ocean of guidance and help.

That book changed my life; hormonal imalance was the key to water retention, deeper emotional charges, aches and pains ... which I could expect and handle. 




13. Time to wake up.

Who helps with this touch: My higher Self? Angels? Mother Meera? My subconscious? Universal Intelligence? The Holy Ghost? . . .  Or  all of them? Let’s call it God – we have that special connection with All That Is through ANGEL. Thus every story of great synchronicity is angelic in nature.


13. Time to wake up

In one of Diana Cooper’s books on angels, I read about the avatar Mother Mira and I felt an immediate desire to meet her.

Soon afterwards, I learned that Mother Mira was coming to London – I registered for the Darshan at morning hours.

Mother Meera

However, I could not fall sleep over the whole night. In the morning, I became so sleepy, unable even to move. I was making decision to stay in bed and catch up on sleep when I heard the word, “Krystyna”.

The  sound of my name was like any person pronounces it, yet at the same time it was different, multidimensional. It accessed my right ear from a distance of about 20 cm . . .  and carried such a load of love.

I could distinguish many layers in this sound: so much care so as not to frighten me, not to be too loud, sound as pleasant as possible …

I felt almost painful need for sleep, yet I made inner commitment to get up, only – a few minutes later.

After a while, my right hand was lifted gently but quite high; I could feel and see it.

I did not wait for another manifestation. I got up, speeded up . . . and at 10am sharp I was passing the closing door for the Darshan.

Who helped with this: My higher Self? Angels? Mother Meera? My subconscious? Universal Intelligence? The Holy Ghost? . . .  Or  all of them? Let’s call it God – we have that special connection to the heart of All That Is through ANGEL. Thus, every story of great synchronicity is angelic in nature.   

Wikipedia: Mother Meera conducts Darshan in total silence. Her darshan consists of a ritual, where she will touch a person's head, and then look into their eyes. During this process, she reportedly 'unties knots' in the person's subtle system and permeates them with light


14. Your soul is never without support

To complete the Angel Teacher Course, participants have to write an Essay on Angels, about 2000 words.

I intended to start writing my essay about Archangel Uriel, but my friend Eva requested to help her with essay about “Soul”. She enrolled for another Doctorate.

I informed my teacher Margaret Merrison about delay – I had to grab incredible opportunity. To influence her personality, I can include in this essay such issues, which I could never have courage to tell Eva, my soul-sister.

Long before had I realized that Eva belongs to my soul group. I became aware that I washed her karma. Eva could not deny our special connection – in one week, we met accidently three times in great city of London

As a good friend, I supported her decisions, backed her up in different disputes, thus, I deserved very well to share any karma she had earned. I could also

Once in London I got involved in conversation with a complete stranger. He then told me a story of vicious character of a woman – the oddity of the story made me sure the man was talking about me and Eva.  Her kindness to me was distorted in a very bad way – thanks to unusual conversation, I could transmute all negativity, clear a picture of person who went far too far to help me in creating my Will in difficult situation, that Eva did not try to rob people of their possessions.

 However, Eva could not hide her irony about my openness to Spirituality and other religions and beliefs; she was very religious but interested strictly only in Christianity .

In her opinion, it was God forbidden to think about past life issues, reincarnation, medium ship, OBE . . ., or spread heresy received through channelling; it is not in the Bible. I tried to tell, that Bible was written to the people of different level of consciousness, we should be opened and find more – even Solfeggio Harmonics – able to heal the world were hidden in the Bible, discovered only a decade ago.

Yet, from philosophical point of view, for help with essay on Soul theme, she couldn’t make a better choice.

To start writing such an essay, I had to study deeper the Soul theme and . . . knowledge about ascension overpowered my awareness. I realized that I knew nothing about it, comparing to broad information about Soul and Spirit in world’s literature. During thorough studies, I learned that I might not be so far from ascension – and I became aware of the obstacle – my soul sister Eva.

Ascension can happen when every single soul in a group has gained significant Light quotient, which means that all members have to be ready. It means that Eva in her consciousness also would have to raise above earthly blockages of ego and be open to accept, and feel one with the whole world. Or other parts of soul group would have to participate in clearing her karma, which Eva would continue to create.

https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQsUhtrZS3RiT-P-bVbnaTPJn7gBhdg6d9Xm5RM07EIrsLq-l5YDw At that time, Mother Meera was going to come to London again. Her Darshan brings corrections, changes to personal soul path.

(I learned that it can be also done at the thought contact, by sending to Mother Meera such intention).


The synchronicity of writing Essay on Soul for Eva and arrival The Hindi Avatar to London created a good background to convince Eva about travelling with me – to receive correction on her personal Soul Path, and Eva agreed!

On the morning of the day, I could not send email with Essay to Eva’s obsolete computer.

Eva was in earnest, “I need it today, you have to print it!”

There were many pages, I started to print it . . . my ink just finished in the middle. I hurried to refill the cartridge, a lot of fuss, soiled black hands, and stains around. Eva declared to buy new cartridge, but arrived very late.

When we printed everything interesting I could find about SOUL – it was too late to travel to meet Mother Meera for amendment of Soul Path for each of us.

We did not cancel it and we missed darshan with Mother Meera. On my bitter remark, Eva reacted: “You will go to hell for mixing with such people . . .”

In retrospect, it became very clear to me that Eva was always in the way to my spiritual progress, any important life choice. She loved to pass on me her complex issue; my silent or kind acceptance must have picked up the burden of her karma.

Now, with the “hell threat”, I could play a trump in my personal conversation with God. I felt entitled to express my wish for individual ascension; as I cannot drug others on the path to His Throne if it means hell to them.

Later I received a confirmation in my dream, that it was a very beneficial decision for both of us.

(In spiritual literature and workshops, I found a lot of information, that the special astrological shift enables a lot of changes, even dispensation of karma, if you ask).

My friendship with Eva came to the end, but very soon Eva found another Spiritual mentor; a very highly educated man from University in Paris. A member of European… all positions to make her proud of attracting such a partner.


When Eva flied to Paris to visit him and possibly her new home, at the destination – on every wall, Eva found not one but few pictures of Mother Meera. What's more, Eva's fiancée was in telepathic contact with Mother Meera . . .

I am not sure if they got married. I lost interest because “Eva was already in better hands.”

Though . . . it was very beneficial for me to get engaged into writing of that Essay on Soul; – I gained a lot of spiritual knowledge and very soon Margaret Merrison had a new participant of the Course Teacher on Ascension.

In retrospection, I have to admit that Eva acted as a strong force for my spiritual growth and provided many platforms (means obstacles), which lead me to deeper understanding. Her advice “always try to guess what’s behind” helps me to avoid many disappointments; I do not learn through appearances and do not let them affect me.



15. Gifts exchange

It was in July 2010, on my way to Teachers Reunion of Diana Cooper School.

On the platform, while changing trains, I approached two women and said, “Dear Angels, I guess you are going to our Angelic meeting.”

This is how I met Gladys. She gave me a shawl saying: “You must be cold.” We spent those 3 days together. During last evening, we were sitting at the bar in our hotel with few other Teachers. I started to make notes in my diary when Gladys suddenly changed the subject to talk about Mother Meera.

It was even inappropriate – we had our teachers from around the world, own angelic issues, tasks, commitments . . .

“It is a clue for me,” popped into my head. Thus I said: “with great regret, but I feel even greater force to give you what I have in my hand; the pen with engraved words, Mother Meera. Think of God. I bought it when she was giving Darshan in London.”

“Please take home this shawl in exchange. I received it from somebody when I was on the way to Germany to visit Mother Meera, but I couldn’t finish my journey, I had to return home,” answered Gladys.                                    

It must be that Angels and Avatars work together and share the Consciousness. Gladys received stronger evidence - symbol that Mother Meera noticed her unfulfilled desire.

My email to Gladys was not delivered, I couldn’t contact her. Just now, after 2 years, during editing this story, I picked up accidently a booklet about allergies . . . and her picture with full name and all additional telephone numbers fell out. I was not even aware that she put her picture there.

A moment ago I called Glennies and received permission to insert that picture. Sometimes it is worth to lose something to be later delivered at the time, which makes the story very special, let’s say angelic – angels knew I was going to write them.

There were few hundred of teachers, I misspelled Glenise’s name, and that caused the trouble with sending email to her.



16. Heavens bring gifts together

Back in London from that Teachers Reunion, I went to PC centre in Colliers Wood and received such a kind, unusual service there. I became highly educated on many newest technological devices. I made also some notes. After inner fight, I said to that shop assistant, “I feel obliged to give you this tool in exchange for valuable teaching from you. May it be like a gift from Mother Meera.

You guessed it! The shop assistant joyfully accepted my last pen with Mother Meera's name engraved on it.

 I felt such a deep need to appreciate the unusual service I received, yet, at the same time I  was very unhappy to part with my last pen; these pens are also of very good quality.

In a short while, I needed very badly to write down something, but no pen. Somebody offered one – and in another minute, there was nobody around to take that pen back.

I noticed that my new pen was engraved with words: Mother Meera.

Wow! “She gave me such pen back in the next few minutes,” I was delighted. It felt incredible! But another glance around . . . and in a far corner of the shop I noticed the man who lent that pen to me. I approached him and asked if it was his intention to resign from the pen.

No. The man forgot about it for a moment and wanted the pen back. It was difficult for me to part with the pen. I told the man my story about many pens given away just recently, and how this pen could support our belief what Mother Meera states; that she is aware of everything,  not only things connected to her name.

It didn’t help. The man took his pen back.

PenHowever, the incident comforted me to some degree. It was nice to be a part of such coincident; the pen came into my hands for a moment – but it was a meaningful moment for me. It proved, that Mother Meera is willing to synchronise even so little events of appreciation and comfort.    

Invitation to London_Front_638x639 - Copy.jpgA year had passed when I discovered Mother Meera’s online shop, where I could order few pens and more items … – “I have to stop writing this story.  Something heavy has just fallen through the front door – I have to harry up, because somebody knocked.”

Another synchronicity. The first parcel on the floor was with engraved pens inside. Almost at the same time, another Currier knocked, because he needed my signature. He delivered me the very first copy of my freshly published first book, “London, the City of Angels and Olympics; Invitation to London.”

Divine consciousness will synchronise events to bring great things together . . . and in the moment of writing the very word of explanation about them.



17. Instant Karma?

Luckily, the odour did not spread around the room; it remained only in that air pocket for a few hours although I kept burning many incenses and candles in the place.


During reading Diana Cooper’s books on Angels, I learned about existence of another Avatar, Sathya Sai Baba. The research on internet resulted in a lot of negative articles; thus the Holy Man, claimed to be an embodiment of Cosmic Christ, did not find admiration in my eyes.

When Sai Baba was accused of sexual abuse, he did not try any defence saying: “If you want to fight against gut matters, you would have to lower yourself to that level,” – this is how I remembered that story.

During next years, I read a lot about Sai Baba, about many miracles, his aura – the biggest on earth . . .

One day, while personally coping with the pain of false accusation – though by a person mentally unbalanced, I started to think about Sai Baba and those controversial articles. The most serious accusations seemed to be just ridiculous.

In bitterness of cruelty experienced in my very friendly environment, such thoughts were born in my head, “It’s good that bad things happen also to Avatars. They need to know and feel for themselves how difficult life is for an average person – very often falsely accused plus experience of constant troubles and traumas in daily life.”

Immediately, in the corner of my eye, close to a porcelain Indian elephant, I noticed a little cloud of smoke 40 cm above the floor. There was no physical explanation for the smoke.

When I approached this tiny pocket of space I could smell it; extremely terrible. Kind of mixture of guts matter plus this special terrible smell, when a hand of some pots is burned.

Luckily, the odour did not spread around the room; it remained only in that air pocket for a few hours although I kept burning many incenses and candles in the place.

Instant karma, such conclusion popped into my mind. I was paralysed with fear and this probably blocked inspiration to apologise to Sai Baba and God; that could have removed the smell.

Good that now, after another few years, I can bring it to the public and additionally raise awareness how the fear can sabotage our opportunity of removing troubles. NO MORE FEARS!

Any negative action or thought emits very negative energy; it will gather into heavier clouds and create havoc in places. I read that Avatar’s task is also transmutation of such dangerous congestions. I could also see in one of my dreams such a congestion, clouds of negative energy stack together.

It is good to ask Violet Flame for transmutation of any negativity back into Light.


18. John of God

In a healing magazine, for the first time I spotted information about John of God in Brazil and trips to that healing centre. There was also possibility that a person travelling there could take your picture and bring you suitable treatment.

A desire to send the picture to any participant of the group was irrational, she gave up such plan; the meeting point was far too far, too late to respond to such tempting news . . . bitterly thought a woman who would do anything to get rid of that redness on the top of her nose.

Next day, in the NFSH healing centre in London, Stanmore, a Ronny expressed to Brenda his wish that he would like to receive a healing treatment from me.

After the session, Ronnie praised my healing power and said that he was about to fly to a healing centre in Brazil; as a regular visitor to spend some time in that high frequency energy.

On this picture – St. Ignatius, the principal healing entity through John of God – the medium.

St IgnatiusIn next 10 days, Ronny was back and my desire for cure was manifested in the form of tiny tablets plus list of food to avoid, which Ronnie brought to me free of charge. The first few tablets caused a significant improvement of my not curable rosaceous in central position of my face.

With good news, impatiently, I was travelling to take care of Anthony, who was terminally ill. However, Anthony rejected the idea to attend such spiritual healing centre. After a while of thinking, I also stopped taking my tablets.

These words describe the centre: into a valley of mango and avocado trees, in an immaculate compound of open-air buildings called the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola—John of God has attended millions of people, including many who have heard their doctors say these chilling words: "There is nothing more we can do." Read more: http://www.oprah.com/spirit/Spiritual-Healer-John-of-God-Susan-Casey#ixzz2Hsjh0lOP

http://www.johnofgodinparadise.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/h4.jpgMany entities work through John, among those luminaries are Dom Inacio de Loyola, a 15th century Spanish nobleman; picture taken from website, below small statue of him.

I left Anthony for a weekly break, but soon my Agency asked me to accept an emergency job; to take care of Mr Leo Layman who was leaving for Residential Home. Just to provide a company during his last four days at home.


 I refused; I needed myself a psychological support. Yet my Agency insisted on me taking this job. They called me several times, insisting on taking these only four days, not far from my home.

In the past, Leo was a filmmaker and a writer, thus with me – the literature lover, he spent a great time instead of expected misery while being rooted out from his living space. In his gratitude, he intended to give me a special gift – his unpublished book. It occurred that Leo wrote about the Saint Ignatius Loyola – the Noble man of Spain, the founder of Society of Jesus . . . yet at the same time about the principal entity working through John of God, and after him, the Healing House in Brazil is named. That entity worked out the composition of tablets for me. I showed Leo the packet, still in my handbag.

Thanks to me, Leo learned that the Hero of his book is still active in Spirit form. All that information I gained from the book Ronnie had given to me as a gift; on page 70 of the book The Miracle Man, the picture shows John of God performing psychic surgery on Ronnie. On page 57 you can read: Dom Ignacio de Loyola was a Spanish nobleman, who had a vision of Apostle Paul and later of Virgin Mary, which changed his life. . .

Leo was not aware of anything. He just was inspired to write that book, which he failed to publish. He was astonished to hear such things, which I had learned myself only three weeks before coming to him. Leo considered my arrival as Godsend and shared with me another coincident. His son was looking for a holiday property abroad. Eventually he purchased a house in Spain, and then he learned that the windows overlook the monastery where Dom Ignacio de Loyola lived in the 16th century – what coincident to have a look at what my dad put into his book!

 Leo kept repeating that he would come back home and with my help, he would complete his literature work; his eyesight was very bad, he wouldn’t do it on his own. But Leo did not call me, neither I made a call; I did not want to interfere with the process of his adaptation in a new place, raise unnecessary emotions and hopes.

After half a year, I was sent to a two-day job in the area, which vaguely reminded me that the Residential Home might be there. Indeed, everybody knew about that new modern Home for Elderly. On my last day, during lunch break, I went to visit Leo; only to learn that he had passed away during the morning hours.

The unpublished book … is still in my possession as a gift from Leo . . . to be published. Maybe somebody will complete the unusual story and the book’s unusual fate? And acknowledge the Spirit of St. Ignatius whose love to humanity focused him on earthly plane, instead of climbing the rest of 352 steps to God’s Throne, our destination and home.


   After browsing website and reading more information about St Ignatius Loyola, I am not surprised that his spirit is still focused on Earth and tries to help humanity. The Father of meditation and contemplation on God’s word composed The Spiritual Exercises to help others follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. In 1534, Ignatius and six other young men, gathered and professed vows of poverty, chastity, and later obedience, including a special vow of obedience to the Pope. In 1540, St. Ignatius founded The Society of Jesus (Order of Jesuits) to act for the greater glory of God. Like with every great idea, the ego forks the roads of followers in many different directions.

God also intended that man would build paradise on Earth; free will backed up by joy of creation would keep the man on the path. The ego would allow exploring broader and deeper meanings, yet looking at things from higher perspective, by being in touch with the higher self as a guide –  the man should always notice what’s illusion and what is right. Free will coupled with ego ought to provide more choices but were not expected to cross the barrier of pain to be inflicted to any neighbour… Then Jesus came to be an example of unconditional love, to correct the perception of life.

The Order Of Jesuits still exists, corrected its ways, and Jesuits were the only people who miraculously survived the explosion of bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, living not far from its epicentre.

This synchronicity of events I have created is a call to concentrate on St Ignatius teaching and intentions. Higher spiritual plane is a world of much higher frequency, the Being cannot access any human being on physical plane. It looks like a feather would intend to fall on steaming, heavily vibrating engine.

Only very simple uneducated people, living with harmony and love to Nature, can provide a vehicle for higher realms. Only such peaceful people can enable bringing physical advantage into earthly conditions of health through them. No fears, everything happens in embrace of All That Is.

It is a great sacrifice and courage that John of God has agreed to serve as the medium. Such people are holy, should be revered, act legally – instead of being threaten by prisons. It is unbelievable what happens here on earth…

You have to acknowledge that not every condition can be healed, not in every case the Higher Self can allow the cure. The condition of illness has to be accompanied by deep inner transformation, it must serve the purpose.

Here in England there is Stephen Turoff, greatly revered, although he also receives some sarcastic vapour. Yet Doctors do not grudge him any lost butter from their bread. http://stephenturoff.com/en/turoff-danbury-clinic/



19. Laughing treatment

I heard myself laughing very loudly. I was puzzled and confused, as if detached from myself. Gradually I became more aware of the situation, and finally I realized that I was in my bed and it was the middle of the night. Next, I became aware that I was in a state of great relaxation.

The sensation was so deep, unknown to me state of lightness – kind of different dimension. When I identified myself fully in this new quality of my reality - it became obvious that laughter was the essential, core essence of that existence. It couldn't be possible to withhold laughter while being at that state, and the need for sleep.

And I couldn’t resist . . .  and started to laugh again . . . while falling asleep.

In the morning, I could remember perfectly the whole event. It was a real experience during sleep, not a dream, because I could experience and remember everything during the wake up moment, too.

Additionally, I felt so refreshed in my body, mind, and spirit, as if I came back from a very long and happy holidays. I was at peace, felt much stronger, healthier . . . and constant itching on my shoulder was gone; came back after many months.

In my bedroom, there are plenty of books about angels and stories of angelic help; many people reported that received even a massage from angels. My laughing treatment was what I needed most in my terribly hectic life – and I received it without asking.

However if I did not wake up, could not remember the  dream . . . how many moments of support we could have experienced?

Be strong. The saying: “Life cannot bring more than you can handle” seems to be true.  In harder times, Divine works on you to strengthen your system, and I know more about it.



20.Visitors arranged by Angels

At the end of my first workshop about angels at MBS International Festival in London, Diana Cooper promised: “Within next hours everybody will receive a gift from angels and will find feathers…”

On my way home Ivona from Poland called about her visit with few friends. I activated my son to bring them by car. As a side effect, he organized an exchange of leaking roof over my garage – a great worry was out of my mind, a well occupied space.

We had a great time and sightseeing, knowing that the visit was arranged by Angels; we perceived and accepted everything in the manner of lightness. On the carpet in the living room, there was a supply of fresh feathers for all 10 days. In the very middle of that carpet, I found a golden heart. It was a very old gift from Ivona, but get lost during last few years. Ivona’s  daughter Saska and my tenant  Simon fell in love. In another story, you will find  more unusual details about that.

One sad news reached us; my grandson Bes was diagnosed with a virus, which is very dangerous if infected in first days of baby’s life. A highly handicapped person may grow.

However, during that workshop, I just learned about angelic balls and started sending distant healing. It proved to be successful during a couple of months; even first symptoms of damage to nervous system has been withdrawn – which was a miracle by itself.

If it was not for that workshop and message expected from Angels – I might have said to Ivona the truth  – “Oh, I am so sorry; I have made arrangements for a job. But please come, I’ll leave you the key to my home.” And probably I would be pushing Bes in his wheelchair, him being able to mimic only four expressions on his face.

Now Bes tries to be the best at all school subjects, also at swimming at his town, and even gained the title of Best Friend.  Every day brings something, thanks to Angels…


21. Decree

During another workshop with Diana Cooper at MBS Festival in London, she asked us to make a decree. The group was large, the energy huge; over 300 hundred participants, one-by-one decided on something. Me, the weakest in the world – always dreaming big – “I decree to be the healer of the world!” that’s how was recorded my stammering voice.

During that workshop, my highly psychic neighbour told me that “You are a Starseed person, I can see a star over your head in your aura,” which deep down I was aware of.

From that day, the nastiness of different disasters falling on me in a very meaningful and intelligent way –  could be only connected to this decree; negativity coming to me begging for healing. Those misfortunes affected me personally, but were very vital on the larger scale. I had had that aversion to writing, I couldn’t intervene nor defend myself; I couldn’t cope.

At Gerry’s home, I had impression that I was there to learn something. It was the happiest atmosphere I had ever visited any dwelling. The energy so light. Many visitors were coming just to have a good laugh. Gerry, as described herself, was the healthiest, only that MS made her stiff. She could move one finger of one hand, and could still move her lips, but  mainly for laughing or for a short blurred sentence. Every now and then, she kept repeating: Bless it. And this was the phrase, I guessed, angels had sent me there to learn as the tool solving my troubles.

From that moment, I started to bless all these disasters and could give up the idea of trying to UNDO my decree. Soon I created a page with; Bless them to heal them – for more cruel or stubborn offenders. Few articles will be at the end of my Angel Stories at www.london-angels-olympics.com

Somehow, by blessing, we give back to God the power of intervention and we will receive help to repair the situation without asking or sending such intention; in this world of free will.


At one point, even with blessing ritual, I was exhausted of these constant misfortunes, and decided to undo the decree. I apologised to God; ten years of such service was enough for me.

In a respective ceremony, I refused to continue the role of being the healer of this world.

 After a while of great relief, I browed happily internet looking at books; I was attracted painfully by one of them, next day it was delivered. It came with the pack of cards, giving the answer to a question, “What is the purpose of your life?”

I chose one and read briefly “The Healer of the World.” After a while did I realize that I had been only on one-day-holiday! Bless it.





22. My first DECREE

As a tiny child, in early 1950, I offered my path of life to God to be fulfilled by events in exchange for possibility of writing a book by myself, a very rare and noble act according to my level of consciousness. It was a spontaneous action in a field, without any previous plan, expressed to heaven in a loud voice and with raised hands. Only in my fifties I realized that I acted as if making a Decree – the most powerful expression of free will.

Few years later, my parents built a new house, windows overlooking that field.

In my teens, my aunt Lodzia recalled it to me that as a little girl I expressed to her my desire how much I would like to be someone, it must have been grown on that field.

My life has become a path of synchronicities, yet I had had to remember everything; neither was I able to force myself into any writing nor into making any notes.

On 11 July 2009, few days after completing the course on Ascension, I asked God that I would prefer to ascend first and then I would write my book. (During last decade, it became possible to ascend and still live on earth.) Thus, being fully enlightened it would be easier for me to fulfil that commitment of my life.

Only few minutes later an email arrived, the very first from Viv. The subject: Am I Starseed?

This email from Viv has been the only one so far; she passed on me a circular on Earthly Song 2012.

At the bottom was this citation, as copy below, it straight away attracted my attention.

" This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.

If you are still alive, it's not. "  ~ Sir Francis Bacon

As we know Sir Francis Bacon was an incarnation of Saint Germain – and St Germain  was the theme of my Essay to complete the course Teacher on Ascension. See it on this website.

Viv took my email address when I had asked her two months earlier if she would agree to read my manuscript, in case if I started writing my book.

It is worth to notice that I indentified myself mostly with Jesus, and my intention was to write the Essay about him; I already weaved few tapestries with Jesus’s image.

It felt strange, however, that every time the book kept opening on Jesus and St. Germain.

After few days of reading suggested literature, I sat down to start the essay about Jesus.

At that moment such email arrived: A letter from St. Germain.

The letter was sent by Troika St. Germain, the very first email I received from her.

Immediately I have changed my mind, and  I started to write about Ascended Master St Germain, whose presence on Earth was very well documented in his life as a Wanderman of Europe




For a few months, such emails: Krystyna write eBooks were making a very strong impressions on me. I was about to start writing, but I needed more money very badly. My friend offered me a good job. I asked Angels, what in my circumstances, should be the best choice. The dream indicated that it would be good to start a job, and an Agency in the dream offered to find me a suitable one.

I interpreted the dream that I should start working again in my pensioner’s age. I the morning, I rushed to Zofia’s Agency, did not feel any need to make an appointment.

Zofia has left the office – I heard, and in a moment, I was on the way back home. Iy did surprise me, such misleading chain of event, It must be first time the dream and my intuition confused me? I asked myself.

In a stupor, I glazed on the seat opposite. I intended to get occupied on reading anything instead of feeling of  bitterness.

Without making any movement, I could easily read on that train, on the opposite seat these few words To Be Someone as the only visible line to me on a folded newspaper.

 That one sentence piercing my eyes would not have spoken to me so intensely in different circumstances.

The whole article was about writer Louise Voss and her six-figure deal for eBooks.

I wouldn’t have found such realistic guidance while staying at home. The trip to Sophia occurred to be a great choice.

The summary of events eventually has sent me on the path of writing. And now, while talking about mponey, let’s read much cheaper my Story for a penny for Penny.


24. The Story for a penny for Penny


A Story for a penny for Penny.

The problem received proper attention at Ilton Unicorn Centre during a training course to become a Teacher on Angels at Diana Cooper School. The Principal Teacher Margaret Merrison and the group left for a lunch break.

With few coins on me, I rushed to the local Post Office to send a very important letter I arrived with, hoping to attract some angelic energy for success.

However, I needed one pi more to buy a postage stamp, and the selling assistant rejected my offer to bring it tomorrow. My purse was miles away in a hotel. On the table in our class there was a basket with coins, but I did not feel comfortable to take anything myself.

I hoped that Penny from Australia might linger around – I noticed she had not gone with a group.

Indeed, I met Penny soon and offered her few Stories if she would give or lend me a penny.

I told her about a few very painful and meaningful situations, which had been triggered by lack of one pi only. I was convinced that Divine tried to help me; make me accept more discipline in my daily routine.

 I had had a large storage of 1p coins at my home. A penny, like feather, is a symbol of angels – for years, I was aware of the energy stuck negligently.

Every difficulty caused by lack of one penny suggested to me that it was a spiritual reminder, and I used to make inner promise that I would take the metal back into circulation.

However, every time I failed to do it. This time, if Penny would rescue me by lending or giving me a penny, surly I would sort out my problem, once at home.

Minutes later, I sent my letter and made a kind of additional vow that back at home I would sort out the issue straight away.

 Indeed, I went to Barclays and received little envelopes, and agreed that I could recycle coins there. But one week passed… Next week, on Friday night, I found out that my Mortgage due for payment on Monday was already recorded in my statement and I was highly in red. Thus, I couldn’t use my bank card to buy food; I was hungry and there was nothing to eat at home.

I could see clearly the punishing intelligence behind it – I apologized to Angels and God.

On Saturday morning I washed pots full of pennies, dried them . . . and it was a great pleasure to count them – the job was finished much too quick.

I hoped to exchange part of 100p envelopes in small shops around to buy bread and butter.

Without any special reason I opened a draw in my bedroom and found many coins of £2, £1, and smaller. I am still puzzled how such big pile of golden coins could stay unnoticed in the small draw, which was in constant daily use!

The amount was EXACTLY the same what I had sorted out into my little envelops, it means about 2 thousands coins of the smallest value. It was enough to buy good food for the weekend.

On Monday morning, I rushed to the bank to exchange envelopes with pennies for another big fund, but already on Saturday I had emailed quickly to Australia next part of the Story For A Penny.




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