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LONDON, the City of Angels and Olympics

Towards Greatness

Towards Greatness picture of the book
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Published: by Trafford, 07/21/2012
Format: PDF
Pages: 92
Size: 8.5x8.5
ISBN: 978-1-4669-1599-2
Print Type: Color
Author: BES and SYRK
May this book finds its way into every pair of hands.
Please be aware that this Children Picture Book is suitable for everyone from the age of four until 104.  It will positively touch everyone!


Bes: Look for the next veil to unveil, feel the finer layers of Diviner.
Syrk: Forget about the pain, burn the next barier that only you can discern. 



Granny invited her two grandsons for long holiday in London.
Before the journey, as described in Invitation to London, the boys and Granny had made plans how to be happy all the time and very strong commitments to implement them.
Bes and Syrk boarded the Wizz aircraft in Katowice airport and hey presto – they came to stay with her, ready for a happy adventure.
The moment boys arrived to London Victoria – they both, simultaneously, made the same precious discovery that this must be the secret operation area for Santa.
Indeed, whenever you come to London, please pay attention . . . All that fuss with delivery of gifts went unnoticed for centuries because of such perfect disguise of location – the girl is the key point of this innocent collaboration – London Victoria is the bridge between North Pole and Europe, and possibly the whole world. And we know it thanks to two small Polish boys. 
This is covered in first two parts of the book.
However, their most important plan expressed in three books was this one: Bes and Syrk tried to invite all people to London to participate in 2012 Olympic Games.
The Games were located in London so as to focus awareness on this part of the globe.
The time for celebration started with great Diamond Jubilee of our Monarch – the Queen Elizabeth II. 
The Games and Diamond Jubilee are the last and most important cheerful global events at the end of the 260,000 year Planetary Cycle – on December 21st, 2012. 
It is God’s desire to bring now ABUNDANCE to Earth.
We all needed to join our hearts, minds, and consciousness to act in unison, to raise greater energy in this area for this period of transition. It is here where the Earth Star Chakra for a new Golden Age is opening.
Thus, London seems to be the pinnacle of Divine plan, the tool to carry out the changes on cosmic scale.
On the next day in London, Granny and boys rushed towards London Eye. Although cunningly planned with details, the trip ended as nobody had intended. That our life, as usual, interfered with unexpected events.
Yet Syrk is not the boy who would come to terms with any failure. He is going to pull out of any misfortune.
Just watch him on the way to his greatness. What's more, he is going to push everybody else to achieve this goal.
Has Granny achieved her goal? In all books, she tried, whenever possible, to point out that we are not alone on our journey on Earth - the Divine talks to us all the time and we should ask for help, listen, and be open to notice it with gratitude.
Since her early childhood, Granny has watched the world, her own life and anybody's around, and noticed that the outside world mirrors your own.
The purpose is one - raise your awareness, trim your ego, learn to use your mind as creative tool; reach higher than your dreams.
Only earthlings have opportunity to practise these skills, because the density of matter greatly slows down the process and the effect.


"We will celebrate our elaborated luck in the greatest possible style.”
We are heading again up to take our lesson to the world and do the most of the day. There is a strong draught; the air is rushing up, forming a strong wind blowing up at our backs. We could easily fly.
I kept thinking; “If I had not had that loss, we would not have come here at all. How lucky I am to have that ability to pull out of trouble, find hope in front of the dull future.
And now, we are back on the route, the draught is blowing us to a mind blowing success.”
So much have been planned and said and still in broad daylight, we emerged from the Underground. Soon two Police Oficers on horses were passing us.
In a moment, they will cover that black lamp so important to us. We yearned for running there at once, across the street; to investigate it, to touch those black angels around the pole and other winged creatures slightly below . . . This very lamp attracted our interest in London and magnetized the invitation to arrive here with Granny.
“But we have to let the horses pass first,” we kept this on the mind when at the same time Granny whispered:


“Let’s follow the Police Oficers. Everyone watching us may think that we are being escorted!”

"What does it mean?” I was grateful that my younger brother was so curious.


"It means that we are already so important!”
Whoa! Unlike horses, lamp can wait. Although torn apart because of the urge to take a closer look at the lamp, the situation was tempting enough to place Granny in the middle of us, leading her to the Moll; her hand in our hands.
You see – there were no hands free to take the picture of the whole scene.

Our mood swung to the other side of polarity. Wild joy was running through my veins; you too enjoy in advance . . . although that wildness of St James’s Park.


Feel in advancement the pleasure of looking at it!
Can you plan any way to get to the castle on the other edge, without getting your feet wet? Remember there are no boats or any other equipment.


We’ll soon be walking along the lake to take this picture!

You see, time can be manipulated, especially if one really cares for his friends, or . . . tries to manifest something!


…..How can Granny take advantage of Bes’s earnestness to climb the ladder to his magnificence through repetitive practice if his idol Spiderman gave up on obsolete methods and unlocked the limitless potential of his mind?

To be best nowadays, one has to find some striking qualities to enable a quantum leap – only newfound powers of brain can lead Bes to fulfilment of his earnest desires. Dear Granny, we are born in new millennium, the era of quantum physics and mind technology.
The fantasy and hidden powers of one’s mind can take the life to the levels – you, Granny, would never imagine.


Every law has its counteracting twin – in God’s creation there are never any limits.

The correspondence of “as above so below; as within so without” reveals, I mean, teaches that we are a tiny miniature of God in our tiny world.

Could the force of gravity ever allow invading cosmic space?
But another higher law can communicate with it and enforce the permission to let us go.
However, everything can happen at the time, when we are ready for it.


No matter what, exercising and repetitive action is an obsolete method to find perfection; such a way will not bring quantum change.

Granny ruins Bes’s future to quench her passion for old fashioned teaching; she tries to rejoice and enliven once more her old patterns engraved in her subconscious.
She takes advantage of Bes’s innocence. The fantasy of children should hold the reins of any progress.

Only yesterday, she switched off to modern approach by passing finances on us – the young; but today Granny feeds her old flame that seems to be impossible to extinguish . . . all the time dying for a chimney.

Dad long ago stopped listening to her, Mum would not even understand . . .
“Remember, you can lose your cool in London” – yes, Dad was right. I am beginning to weary of staying with this kind of perfection.

Now, I have to leave this toilet to stop this stinking thinking…..


“This new attitude is teasing us with lots of new possibilities. We can even price our book higher, in this case.”
"Don’t raise the price, people may not have enough money” – begged confidently Bes, the co-author of the idea of writing.
"Do not worry, love. Nowadays the tendency is – buy what’s on the top sale.

If one can afford more marketing tricks, the sell goes up and people buy such book hand over fist, no matter what it represents. Buying our book means – the money is spent well”.


I agree with Granny. We will compile such a lot of advice and warnings that thanks to our writing all readers will possibly avoid any financial loss, not only with gambling.

They will be grateful to us for raising mindfulness, awareness and growing more cautious.

Why wouldn’t readers pay for our book if it brings into the world what the world has been waiting for?

We tighten ties between attention and awareness, which can result in quantum jump . . . at a price that about anybody can afford.


In my opinion, everyone should own it, no matter what!


Do not avoid risks or challenges on your path, yet do not be ashamed if you fail. Just try to stand up on your feet again as quickly as you can. And. . . as quickly as you can, forgive yourself and forget about the failure – remember only the reason and what skills you need to perfect it.


Every mistake can be changed into valuable lesson, every obstacle, difficulty or problem is nothing else but invitation to get truly involved.


What seems to be a great trouble is often only a little puzzle – the energy pattern calling for attention.

It can cause a bit of tension while teasing you to get it untangled; easier done then said – if the state of the trouble is fresh.

But it is not a problem even in case of greater disasters:– just little training in becoming more successful master. It can prove to be a useful apprenticeship for you.


Then the way to your greatness consider as opened; you are ready to overtake the rains from the child and may your horses take you to your stars as stated in the Title, but towards YOUR greatness.


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Published: by Trafford, 07/21/2012

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Format: PDF

Pages: 92
Size: 8.5x8.5
ISBN: 978-1-4669-1599-2
Print Type: Color


Author: BES and SYRK

At the age of 4 or 5, a tiny shy girl made a commitment to God that she would write books to influence the world.

She has kept that moment in her memory being constantly aware of her broken promise.


Now as her grandsons are at the same age, Granny decided to speak through them.

Yet her greatest desire is that: May this book find its way into every pair of hands - from the age of four until 104. It will positively touch everybody’s life.

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