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If every grain of sand in England turned into gold,

Every person in the UK could equally rejoice.

Yet for how long Oil or Gold will rule this world?

Raising competition for strategic recourses

Brings New Technologies in the blink of eye;

Energy from thorium, wind,  water or light ... ?

All Changes happen in my lifespan - and I am still young.

SCOTTISH PEOPLE, it's Better Together face the day after tomorrow.


Due to Democratic Politics in this part of globe

We can fall apart without repressions, sanctions, war - if only cold!

Look into your heart - how do you feel about cutting all ties

Tied up together over 1 million days by our Grand Dads and Mums?

It would never heal this kind of bleeding! And what about bleeding love

Filling up growing gaps in every family - torn apart by conflicting votes?

It's Better Together race for wealth and health  - it's General Trend.

Why create to whole body such a wound, with no hope to seal? And then regret?


How Scottish Independence affected me, not even born here, a bloody foreigner?

Well, my front tooth chose to fall out; no bleeding, no tears - just a fact!

And I was about to seal the terrible gap with a new implant.

But GBP dropped on Forex. That's how world finances reacted to rising YES results.

I couldn't rescue my Trade and fell into great debt indiansovaldi.com!

Now I'll be a woman without smile; trying to hide this terrible ugly dark gap.

It is such a shame because my name's Dreams Come True and I am the Healer of the World,

I waste my time on Meditation, visualising much better life for all Life Forms.


Is it a shame to think like that:-

This Referendum must be ignited by enforced Great Spirit of this World, or even God?

To pinpoint Great Britain as the example to follow (God works through people as we all know)?

From now on  in the whole world people will make their Choice about religion, political identity

without fears of triggering bloodshed and wail; which brings Mother Earth to tears and hail.

May Changes and Choices be made in atmosphere of understanding!

This creates mutual love and brings solutions without harm.


Scottish People, do not gamble, look at your heart! Choose NO which sounds mature and wise:


4 leaves clover looks much better! Let's race together towards greater Greatness! 


By Bes and Syrk, www.london-angels-olympics.co.uk


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