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The Tribute Money, Titian

The Tribute Money, Titian


I loved that Jew man in the picture.


In Dresden Gallery, I was struck when looking at the picture of intense, powerful magnetic connection between Spiritual and material world; the moment of financial intimacy, the time of transactional conversation performed by the means of eyes and hands.


In that magnetic clash and clasp, the communion of eyes and hands . . ., in that eye-to-eye- penetration, Jesus sends the power of transformation; helps to create intention of transcending the human nature and desires.

His relaxed hand knows that it will receive the coin kamagra tablets review


I felt so much love to the poor man holding tightly on the coin; give me one second more, the Jew seems to beg for.


To reward Jesus, I picked up more expensive wool while weaving his image. 


In my opinion, this is a great Masterpiece by Titian. The coin here seems to be a reminder, a metaphor for Spiritual commitment and duty – give, surrender your essence to God with the help of Divine that means most for you.


It was such a pleasure of weaving this copy – I did it in the same size as the oil picture by the Italian Artist.


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The Tribute Money, Titian
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