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Merlin Monroe

Merlin Monroe


Once I met beautiful posters of Merlin Monroe and bought a few.
On that day, a well-known photographer unexpectedly visited me.
He said he was going to The U.S. for an exhibition of pictures of Marlin Monroe.
What synchronicity! I showed him my new buy. 
He would have loved it, if, as a photographer, he could take with him such an image of Merlin Monroe embedded in wool.
The time was too short; however, I took that risk of weaving Marlin Monroe . . . and keep the picture at home.
Pity I did not know about the exhibition in Poland, to mark the 50th anniversary of her death.
My picture in wool, (my maiden name translates Green) could have been also unique among … lots of unique photos never exhibited before, „Hollywood  Marilyn Monroe” by Milton Green w Starej Galerii ZPAF. 

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Merlin Monroe

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