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London, the City of Angels and Olympics:
Invitation to London
by Bes and Syrk
Trafford Publishing

"Make yourself bigger than your trouble, meet it with a smile, and watch it drop with the speed of avalanche, instead of tears, down, down, down."

Bes and Syrk are two small boys who are brothers. As a reward for passing preschool with flying colors, Granny has invited them to spend the summer with her in London the year before the 2012 Summer Olympics. They are excited, and a little nervous, about spending 44 days in such a big city. Their dad reminds them to make sure they mind their manners at all times. Granny is a teacher on the subject of angels and all things angelic. She understands that London can be pretty intimidating to two little boys, so she asks them to play a game with her. As long as they are in this very big city, they are to think only positive, uplifting thoughts. She assures them that after three weeks, they will be so used to thinking positive thoughts that this uplifting attitude will become second nature and they will feel happy with no effort. The boys agree to try to find a positive lesson in every situation and in every encounter during their stay.

This is a self-help book about the effects of thinking positively even in the face of adversity. It is not a sightseeing guide to London. Most of the photographs show the boys in ordinary activities, such as playing games and blowing candles out on a birthday cake. Only a few of the pictures include famous landmarks. The text, for the most part, is written as if the boys are telling the story of their visit. At times, the text jumps from a vacation journal to discussion of angelic orbs and the meaning of a particular statue in London. The book concludes with an invitation for everyone to come to the Olympics.

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Lessons about Awareness and Inner Light for Readers from Ages Four to One Hundred and Four

Bes and Syrk teach readers important lessons and universal truths through a picture book for children of all ages, ‘London, the City of Angels and Olympics: Invitation to London’

Invitation to London

Grasping concepts like awareness and inner light can be complicated for anyone, but it is even more complicated for young readers. In London, the City of Angels and Olympics: Invitation to London, Bes and Syrk, two young brothers, share these lessons through their story and pictures, helping children (young and old) to grasp universal truths.

Granny invites Bes and Syrk to London, asking them to promise to be happy all the time.  Through their story, readers learn tips to sustain a happy mood for good, overcome every challenge or discomfort, and allow the brain to create another, more positive thought.  Although it may seem like a challenge, for Bes and Syrk and their readers, it is a game.

Lessons about awareness, ego, denial, self-esteem, and win-lose competition are presented in a simple manner.  These same lessons are present in the other two books in the series, London, the City of Angels and Olympics: Do NOT Gamble and London, the City of Angels and Olympics: Towards Greatness.  Although the books are formatted as picture books that are appropriate for children, the author promises that the stories are “suitable for everyone from the age of four until one hundred and four”.

One Amazon reviewer raved, “I would highly recommend this book to anyone, as it would positively touch everybody’s life who reads this book.  Everything in this book is written from the heart and you can feel the love and care that went into this book.”  Readers of the series will quickly fall in love with Bes and Syrk and their story, too.

For more information, please visit http://london-angels-olympics.co.uk/

About the Author

The author is a light-worker, healer, a cell of oneness, and a teacher on angel – ascension with Diana Cooper School.  The author was born in Poland, and graduated from Economic Academy in Katowice.  After years of success in industry, the author followed the guidance from dreams, and left the country. In London, the author entered the field of complementary medicine and dove into spiritual growth.

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