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Mary - from The Last Judgment

Madonna - from The Last Judgment

The choice of the third theme was easy. Maria came to me very excited; she found on a street a piece of paper in black and white.

The paper was wet and very worn out. A hardly visible picture of a woman magnetized Maria's attention - it could make a perfect model for the tapestry. We both wanted to weave that one, and we decided to dress her in red on a dark background - because she seemed to be very frightened.

She must be a great sinner; we both laughed in conclusion.

We started to build up our pictures from the waist, upwards. Later, I removed part of the dark background and added some blue, to develop it into heaven in the upper part, with the cave of golden light. “She needs a lot of Light to wash away the sins” – with cheeky smile, I informed Maria about my new decision.

What a next excitement combined with great embarrassment and amazement we went through!

We weaved Mother Mary, the Godmother, the Madonna, the Universal Angel, the central figure from the most famous in the world painting on the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City: The Last Judgment by Michelangelo. 
It is a depiction of the Second Coming of Christ. 
The description of The last Judgement from encyclopaedia:The centre figure is Christ deciding the destiny of the human race. With a gesture of his arms he damns a large part of humanity plunging them into hell, but some are saved rising to heaven. Even the Madonna at his side ..seems to cower in fear at the scene.”

It is an obsolete vision. Current prophets say that December 2012, the Second Coming of Christ, opens gates to heaven on Earth, after 2000 years of practising of unconditional love, brought to Earth by Jesus. The golden colour represents Christ Consciousness.

I guessed correctly the colours of the scene. Accidently, in my collection, I had another religious motive, which I decided to continue . . . And now it is my duty to present in next tapestry the transformed version of the Christ; The Divine Mercy. 

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