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LONDON, the City of Angels and Olympics

Invitation to London

Invitation to London picture of the book
Price: £2.00

Published by Trafford, 11/23/2011

Format: PDF E-Book Color
Pages: 36
Size: 8.5x8.5
ISBN: 978-1-46690-382-1
Print Type: Color

Author: BES and SYRK


Please be aware that this Children Picture Book is suitable for everyone from the age of four until 104. It will positively touch every reader. 

May this book finds its way into every pair of hands; BES breathed a sigh from the bottom of his heart.

And attracts some donation, a nice contribution to the DREAMS COME TRUE fund; Syrk gave a shriek of delight.

LONDON, the City of Angels and Olympics: INVITATION to London


Granny invites brothers Bes and Syrk to London. It was a difficult decision but finally the boys agreed to travel intrigued by the description of black angels wielding black lamps to light London at night.


Before their journey, the boys and Granny had made very strong commitments to be happy all the time. It is so easy; you can change anything on the spot, by allowing the brain to create another, more positive thought.


They share tips how to sustain happy mood for good. This is how they intend to challenge every obstacle or discomfort - a game to entertain the brain - this little mental exercise became our funny game and can be continued without end. 


Everyone hoped that the holiday, just before Olympics, was going to be a very, very happy adventure, but – easier said than done – can also become true.

All is well if it leads to a happy end. How life unfolds for Bes and Syrk? 


If only would Life not interfere with sudden unexpected events, because the boys grow such self-esteem that they invite everybody else to London.


At present, after Olympics, the energy is even greater here. Thus, boys' Invitation becomes even a louder call for all people to visit London – the Hero, the 12 star City of 2012 – to share great energy of celebration and success that will be anchored here forever.

picture of cloverpicture of cloverpicture of cloverpicture of clover

“Granny, I will work out a good program to strive till the end of the visit, even if harsh time comes” - little Bes resolved. We decided to make a conscious effort to think only positive, uplifting thoughts during that whole period. This means, to the best of our ability, not to allow even one single upsetting impulse to stir our serenity. To achieve such a goal, we projected to be enthusiastic, optimistic, but well balanced, calm. Should a negative thought come up, we would replace it with many positive ones! Make yourself bigger than your trouble, meet it with a smile, and watch it drop with the speed of avalanche, instead of tears, down, down, down . . . Obstacles – you are not going to threaten us!!! This is our new standpoint and we mean it!!! Granny liked that determination. She explained eagerly that only after three weeks of this uplifting happy attitude we should become happy all the time, without any effort. “ Hold on Granny, - what’s going on in this world?


Dad warned us -"Think twice before you jump, it is not all milk and honey to be able to stand by Granny.

There is absolutely no question that in England you will have to express gratefulness and thanksgiving in every situation.

You might lose your cool in London, staying next to such a perfect person.
Granny will go over and over aloud - "always see how incredibly blessed you are to be healthy and living within such a good family and circle of friends.

Just be more effective, focus on what you can do instead of what you can't, and you will create a wonderful life.””

Instantly, as if in response, Granny burst into song.

“Oh London, the city of Olympic Games.
The face of London changes every day.
Buildings like ships, pencils, or eggs...



“Reject, do not deal with others, just stop them at the entrance” - was Granny’s advice.

“Take control of them - such restriction allows good thougts only for mental digestion. What a course of food for thought if you know how to shop! 

In due course, life will pay you back with unlimited rewards, with all sorts of abundance, which in turn will force you to be stuck in the source of happiness and good luck.”

As one voice, we uttered: -


"From today we will constantly think only positive, happy thoughts.

We will be aware of them non-stop until hopeful, optimistic attitude nestles in us everlasting joyful glow.

We will pay attention to every detail; we’ll kick off every stone from our trail.

We’ll orchestrate every moment of our inner harmony.

There is no time to wait!”



That little mental exercise became our funny game and could have been continued without the end. We could invent something beneficial almost in every current discomfort, and find new opportunities sprouting from that not very pleasant condition.

It is so easy; you can change everything on the spot by rearranging the point of view and allowing the brain to shoot a different thought.
Make yourself bigger than your trouble, meet it with a smile, and watch it drop with the speed of avalanche, instead of tears down, down,,,, down.
 Obstacles – you are not going to threaten us!!!
This is our new standpoint and we mean it!!!



Unless you are able to fulfil it, do not promise anything. Even by doing your best, you can cause harm or sometimes be trapped inside an invisible cage. Moreover, always remember: promises are meant to be kept.
I guess you have broken many promises, can you remember your failures? Go back in your memory as far as possible, recall and explore them as a scientist, one by one without any blame.

Would you be wiser now and acted in a different way?
Think about them for a while in details, but think twice, second time try to think with your open heart, you may receive answers, which words can’t describe.
Have you caused somebody any grief or harm?
How do you feel about it now?
Is it still possible to apologize or reward the loser?

If not, do not feel any guilt, just ask Angels to undo your every mischief. You could not imagine how powerful they are. However, try to change, do not carry out your mistakes twice.



The picture 14 was taken during our previous stay in London. That right hand holding an olive branch is bathed in the stunning royal blue light; Archangel Michael’s protective energy.

Such pure distinction, this gift of light for the Peace Symbol!

It speaks as a living precursor of Olympiads;- the Statue’s head is decorated with Olympic wreath.
It indicates that God’s plan for World Peace to win during Olympics in 2012 was set up far, far in the past, when the Statue was built. And now, far in advance, the protective Divine energy is already in action, to disperse any bad intention of ill willed individuals.
We know all that from our Granny, you can discuss it with your teacher or your Mum and Dad.



5.0 out of 5 stars A touching and engaging picture book. 6 Feb 2012
By sophier

A brilliant children's book. I was looking for a picture book to read to my grandson and having exhausted everything from Rowling's fantasies to Grimms fairy tales, I came across this little oddity.

After having read it, I can safely say this is a touching and extremely uplifting short story that will entertain and inspire confidence, and integrity, to your children and/or grandchildren.

A common everyday story about a pair of siblings' trip to London, which is infused with angelic iconography and more than a passing reference to the Olympics.

London: The City of Angels tries to tie together all beliefs and faiths into a friendly and easy prose.


5.0 out of 5 stars Lovely family book for children 23 May 2012
By Tony Alcan
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase

It is a lovely, family orientated children book. Two cheerful boys are planning to visit Granny who lives in London. They take you into joyful and positive state of mind.

The book is a kind of poetical aspiration; you want to read it again and again.

It also gives lots of practical advice on creating happier and successful future.


Amazon.com: 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 review

5.0 out of 5 stars Great book for kids 10 July 2012
By Nic.m - Published on Amazon.com
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

London, the city of angels and Olympics-Inivitation to London is a fantastic book for kids to read. It is very well written, written by kids for kids. I would highly recommend this book to anyone as it would positively touch everybody's life who reads this book.

Everything in this book is writen from the heart and you can feel the love and care that went into this book.
If you buy this book you are investing in a book that will positively affect everyone who reads it.


5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Truly inspirational book, 8 de diciembre de 2012
Por Ignacio Blanco - Ver todas las opiniones
Compra verificada por Amazon(¿Qué es esto?)
Esta opinión es de: LONDON, the City of Angels and Olympics: Invitation to LONDON (Versión Kindle)
A great inspiration for everybody. The kind of book you can read and make you feel good instantly. Seems that the author has written it from the heart, wich is very uncommon these days.
I will recommend it to everyone.



Maria D. Georga

"Winner of ''50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading" 2012 Contest"

Location: Athens,Greece

LONDON, the City of Angels and Olympics: Invitation to London

 A Real Fairytale, December 20, 2012

This review is from: LONDON, the City of Angels and Olympics: Invitation to London (Kindle Edition)

This is an extraordinary book. It is between a Fairy tale, an experiential book and a mental exercise for children and for adults as well. The travelling of 2 children to London with their grandmother for the Olympics and all the mental work which takes place during vacation is something for which you are not reading everyday. The structure of the book with, short stories and real pictures of the children throughout the book makes it unique. This is a story like written from bright children for everyone!

The US Review of Books
London, the City of Angels and Olympics:Invitation to London
by Bes and Syrk
Trafford Publishing reviewed by Cynthia Collins
"Make yourself bigger than your trouble, meet it with a smile, and watch it drop with the speed of avalanche, instead of tears, down, down, down." 
Bes and Syrk are two small boys who are brothers. As a reward for passing preschool with flying colors, Granny has invited them to spend the summer with her in London the year before the 2012 Summer Olympics. They are excited, and a little nervous, about spending 44 days in such a big city. Their dad reminds them to make sure they mind their manners at all times. Granny is a teacher on the subject of angels and all things angelic. She understands that London can be pretty intimidating to two little boys, so she asks them to play a game with her. As long as they are in this very big city, they are to think only positive, uplifting thoughts. She assures them that after three weeks, they will be so used to thinking positive thoughts that this uplifting attitude will become second nature and they will feel happy with no effort. The boys agree to try to find a positive lesson in every situation and in every encounter during their stay.
This is a self-help book about the effects of thinking positively even in the face of adversity. It is not a sightseeing guide to London. Most of the photographs show the boys in ordinary activities, such as playing games and blowing candles out on a birthday cake. Only a few of the pictures include famous landmarks. The text, for the most part, is written as if the boys are telling the story of their visit. At times, the text jumps from a vacation journal to discussion of angelic orbs and the meaning of a particular statue in London. The book concludes with an invitation for everyone to come to the Olympics. 
Return to US Review Home
Comments from Bes and Syrk, because as outsider, you may find the US Reviews not flattering, but it is very positive in our opinion. The Reviewer doesn’t know what future books hold, she had only the first part of London, the City of Angels and Olympics. The paperback doesn’t show Orbs so clearly. We invite every reader to see them at our website, www.london-angels-olympics.com
 Invitation to London tells – come to London . . . to meet us there; it does not intend to show London at this stage. In the first sentence of the second part: Do NOT Gamble – the group of three are boarding the Wizz aircraft to London.
The first part of the series: LONDON, the City of Angels and Olympics is about mental state of boys when they received invitation and are getting ready for the journey. The real intention behind is “be like that all your life” –  i.e. be good, have positive attitude, feel assured that you are constantly under care and guidance of Divine (means also Universal Intelligence, Consciousness, which try to get in touch with everyone; be opened, raise awareness, …). Thus, the book shows Angelic energy - Orbs recorded in old pictures of boys, some of them also taken in London. Scribd is best in revealing our intention: http://www.scribd.com/doc/76029307/LONDON-the-City-of-Angels-and-Olympics , http://www.scribd.com/doc/104377799/LONDON-the-City-of-Angels-and-Olympi...
 The Reviewer mentioned the picture with Orb taken in that moment when Syrk is blowing out the candles from his birthday cake. Such celebration of life is not an ordinary activity; especially if the purpose of the picture is to show the accompanying Orb. Everyone has his or her own judgment – I do not find such description as negative – it shows the personality of the Reviewer. 
However, it is better if we are opened to notice higher values and energy – not to deny it. Yet the paperback doesn’t show Orb so clearly, see the picture in the Orbs Gallery. In the same room, there is another unusual light – picture with 2 beams of Light – inserted in third book. The only source of that light can be the Pack of Cards with Orbs on the table aside, by Diana Cooper.
This message of 1st book: be perfect and happy for 3 weeks only – then, without any effort, the whole life will be the same, encourages everyone that it is worth trying for only 3 weeks. However, the subconscious needs only 3 weeks to accept new habits – then the Law of Attraction will attract the same matching energy into the future life.
Everyone should be responsible – we are all one – every your act, thought, and word influence also my life. Take responsibility for your every moment – do not pollute our earthly environment – is my message and goal behind lines.
No point to teach adults, we need to change consciousness in children so as parents will not be so successful in spoiling them by: do not give, do not swap (even unwanted), do not share…
I have met too many of such issues, I have met only adults with inner state like panic, and I know what I am saying; I have been to many, many countries, I have met in London all nationalities as a nursing carer, Complementary Medicine Professional Practitioner… 
New lesson is: act and think from your heart – you will achieve results the words can’t describe, you will increase your inner light, you will light up the world.
Altogether, all books will tell: come to London, see for yourself, take your own pictures here, and bathe in the energy of the holy Celtic land and Olympics – now the energy of success is even greater. No point to put many sights of London in a book, we invite readers to admire greater pictures on internet.



Published by Trafford, 11/23/2011
Buy paperback at Trafford BOOKSTORE,

or Amazon, Barnes&Noble, many others, google the title.

Format: PDF E-Book Color
Pages: 36
Size: 8.5x8.5
ISBN: 978-1-46690-382-1
Print Type: Color
Our Price: £2.00



At the age of 4 or 5, a tiny shy girl made a commitment to God that she would write books to influence the world.


She has kept that moment in her memory being constantly aware of her broken promise.


Now as her grandsons are at the same age, Granny decided to speak through them.

Yet her greatest desire is that: May this book find its way into every pair of hands - from the age of four until 104. It will positively touch everybody’s life.

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