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Why I weaved these tapestries?
I admired my new friend Maria for doing beautiful pictures of wool, which covered walls in her home. She persuaded me to try such a craft and offered help with first projects.
After long search, we decided on a simple picture of icon as my first task. Maria gave me some dyes and wool, and I rushed home to get it started.
Suddenly a thought popped in – How come we both forgot! I expressed clearly and few times; no religious theme!

Without any care, I mixed together all possible dyes I had at home and plunged the wool inside the pot. The result was astonishing – the brick like colour – which, deliberately, would be very difficult to achieve for me, the beginner.

It’s worth to mention – when the picture was finished, no dust of wool was left, no more wool I would have used if I had had plenty – the amount of wool was just accurate for that icon. Such synchronicity indicates, that I stepped on my Soul Path.


The round shapes are ORBS; angelic energy recorded during taking the photo for this gallery.


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Black Angels light London at night!

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