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Essay on Ascension

Ascendent Master Saint Germain
Ascendent Master Saint Germain

Ascended Masters are great Being of Love and Light, the elder brothers of humanity, who mastered the Law o Life and achieved such level of vibration that can only exist in the Light Body with no Ego to be detected. Like us, they are still on their very long way back to the Source, the way of personal growth through service.

On 1 May 1954 Ascended Master Saint Germain and his twin flame Lady Portia - the Goddess of Justice on the Karmic Board, were crowned Hierarchs of the next 2000 year cycle, The Aquarian Age.
This new period in Earth history will bring Freedom and Justice, Peace and Enlightenment and Abundance, the world has never known. Universal awareness of the Holy Spirit and the teaching of the Divine Mother to create Heaven on Earth will mark it. During the Piscean Age, which we have just left, men dominated. Now an emphasis on balance comes, men and woman are equal but different.

Jesus opened the door to the Piscean/Christian era of sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism. Each of us during lifetimes was meant to realize their own Christhood i.e. the state of Consciousness governed by Unconditional Love. The alchemy and challenge of the seventh Ray of Ritual, Ceremony and Magic is to change that human consciousness into divinity.

Heart Centre is to be the place of understanding, decisions making, addressing the core issue into the Heart of another.
St Germain always says; open your heart let your heart guide you, all the answers are in your heart. It means; to the stage of life bring your own act to play, your own words to say. May your words uplift you and others.
This brings Ascension; more Light builds up in the physical body on your own unique path of life on the way back to God. This increases the frequency of Light and speeds up Ascension. See Death as opportunity to look at all of life, to deepen understanding and make plans for entry on next stage of life.

Just as the ray of sunlight passing through a prism is refracted into the seven colours of the rainbow, so Spiritual Light manifest as seven rays. Each ray has a specific colour, frequency and quality of God's consciousness. The violet ray is known as the seventh ray from which the next five rays unfold. It teaches all forms of white magic i.e. spiritual, material, cultural evolution of humanity through the energy of love and wisdom flowing through the heart chakra. Every living person on the planet is influenced by this energy because our Solar System operates under the second ray of Love and Wisdom. The governing deity Helios in the sunlight sends that encoded spiritual information and knowledge to all parts of Solar System.

The seven great rays of energy emanating from the Creator step downwards in a ladder-like fashion through the Universal, Galactic Hierarchies and reach the Sun by the way of twelve constellations….

Lord Maitreya, the new Planetary Logos for the Earth, receives from Helios the rays at the grade suitable for Earth’s level of development and step them down to the Planetary Hierarchy. Then, recorded in rainbow, the seven rays reach humanity and become the source and engine of the stream of life.

Having free will people can accept and obey the Law of Life and enjoy happy living, or they can disobey and create their own self-generated misfortunes at the physical, emotional or mental state, at personal or larger scale.
If enough people ask for help, The Hierarchy helps bring back a sense of spiritual values to our world. Most often, the Hierarchy is the source of inspiration behind all great art and achievements contributing to evolution on Earth. Often Ascended Masters speak the Word of God through Messengers or themselves incarnate on Earth, living the Word of God.

Saint Germain, the Cosmic Authority for this Aquarian Age of self-discovery, the Lord of Civilization, seems to be the one who most often kept returning to the planet to help humanity. He lived in a physical body as Samuel the prophet, Chinese philosopher Lao-Tze, Joseph of Nazareth, St. Alban, Proclus philosopher, Merlin the Magician, Roger Bacon, Christopher Columbus, Francis Bacon, Prince Rakoczy.

As an Ascended Master, he could materialize the body in the places where guidance was needed. So his latest presence is documented as "Wanderman of Europe" in over 300 years period, known as "a man who never dies and knows everything". He carried out many secret missions in the courts of Europe, well known and revered in Royal circles. His conduct, grace and dignity, perfect control of every situation attested the inner refinement and culture of somebody "to the manner born", yet little was known about His birth.

I found the dictation by Mother Mary given to Geraldine Innocente: “We had a lovely stay in the Isle of Britain which was destined for a great future. Here Francis Bacon (now the Beloved Saint Germain), desired to establish a “United States of Europe”, hoping, if it were successful, to extend it to the rest of the world. Here also the Beloved Jesus gave a blessing…”
The dictation given by St Germain to Mark L. Prophet correspondents to the above: “Having failed…, I turned myself to the perfectionment of mankind at large… Thus the United State of America was born as a child of my heart”.

St Germain’s desire for humanity on Earth was crystallized in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the US. In the flag projection, he embodied the future for this country. At the same time on esoteric level, St. Germain assumed the office of Chohan of the Seventh Ray, which unlocks the next five rays and a new Golden Age of opportunities for humanity.

The Winter Solstice of 2012 is the entrance gate for fuller spectrum of higher frequency energies. Already in 1987, Saint Germain brought back to humanity the Violet Flame of Transmutation. That started the twenty-five year period of purification, leading to 2012. Now he works with the Lords of Karma as the Keeper of the Golden Scales. Rakoczy, an incarnation of Saint German is the Master of eleventh ray. Thus the Ascension of Humanity and the Earth can occur gradually in balanced way.

Yet everyone needs to participate and increase the vibration of the physical body to be able to sustain these higher energies cialis over the counter canada. Only then can everyone take advantage of miracles coming during the next period, the benefits beyond comprehension to describe them now.

I am Saint Germain

I realized that the disgrace experienced by Ascended Master St Germain in his incarnation as Francis Bacon must have not been washed away by History, although Sir Francis Bacon had left his “name to the next ages” in his testament. It was rather a noble act of Him to plead guilty in those circumstances. Before his death, Sir Francis Bacon stated that his heart and hands were very clean.

At first I chose to write my essay about Jesus but later my will was overpowered to write about St. Germain, this particular Master whose twin Flame is The Goddess of Justice on Karmic Board. From my childhood, I felt that “Justice Issue” has followed me, influenced my personality, and became my life mission...

I summarised the guidance about the Ascension path and shift of consciousness as:
1. Focus on new, higher frequencies energies beaming on the Earth, take some steps to make the process of changing easier and more comfortable. Everyone needs to raise his or her frequency to match these new energies.
2. Using the Violet Flame is the easiest and most powerful way to raise vibration because it also has purifying qualities and acts as Karma eraser, if asked. Call the Violet Flame not only to burn out lower energies in your body but also to clear obstacles by blazing a trail in front of you during the day. Send it also to the places of conflict.
3. Building Antakarana Bridge and calling Mahatma Energy will help with the Ascension process of the whole Planet. Let the Mahatma energy bathe your entire being and send it to Earth. Be the link, which brings Heaven to Earth.
4. See every person, animal, and plant as the embodiment of God and oneness of All That Is, yet place around you a golden doom of protection and ground yourself.

The knowledge gained from meditation and research I will use in my workshops. We need to talk more, invoke interest how to adapt to these higher frequencies energies coming to Earth.

1.The core issue is to care for our physical body needs, to be in touch with Nature. Getting enough sleep, plenty of water, good quality fresh food, trace minerals, antioxidants become more important now.
2. Staying in good mood, keeping positive thoughts and actions, forgiving everything and everybody seems to be even more important
3. Living in the now, looking for any beauty to spot on the spot and absorb the energy will raise the vibration of the physical body. Surround yourself with objects, colours, sounds, themes that touch your heart.
4. Call the Lords of Karma for the complete balancing of all your karma. Also pray, chant, call Angels and Ascended Masters for help.
5. The Violet Flame and Mahatma Energy are the most powerful tools given humanity to reach 2012 in the “I Am ready” state. It is easy to use.

Just relax and invoke in your heart the desire for the Violet Flame to enter your physical body. It is there in a second, expand the Flame into your aura and ASK for transmutation of all negative energy within. Then visualize it being transmuted into the golden Divine Light. This is the Alchemy of the Aquarian Age of Magic. You can change lead into gold, something heavy into light. The Mahatma energy is a golden white light in colour and comes with a gift of rejuvenation. There are many books, a lot of information on internet. The choice is yours. The time is now.


The Mahatma and Violet Flame are purification techniques leading the Earth to Ascension and shift in the energy frequency for every living form during transition period of the 2012. Practise them, share with your friends whenever possible for global peace and justice, as a service to purify our Mother Earth.

Get closer to GodGod your Real Home

In the essence, your life is to fulfil your soul desire to get closer and closer to God, your real Home.


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