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Essay on Angels and Archangel Uriel

ORB – energy of Archangel Uriel.
ORB – LOOK and absorb the energy of Archangel Uriel & these Divine qualities.

Angels are pure beings of light and love who act as messengers between you and God. They are the best celestial friends. Our happiness and peace are their greatest desire. They want to help us with anything which serves the life mission, without any charge. Angels will do anything to make their presence obvious, so be receptive but never afraid. They will not remind you about any past mistakes, criticise your appearance or overspending. They see us as God's image, always perfect in all ways. Without any judgment they register every your intention and action.

Angel’s beauty is outspoken. It is a pity they stay in the seventh dimension and normally we cannot see them. They are like a diluted spark of God's love and light; watching, illuminating and connecting us directly to the Creator in a wireless way. Just ASK is the button to operate that Divine system. The ability to push that button is given only to a soul extension, a beloved cell of the Creator's body. Many of such cells are spread all over universes so as to create their own worlds like the Father creates his, always for the highest good.

You can have many angels but the one whose presence is always guaranteed is your Guardian Angel. To protect you he acts as a warning system; he can nudge, send thoughts impulses, creates synchronicities, inner strong feelings, signs to attract attention. He can even save your life, if this lifetime can contribute more to your life mission.

Angels always see your talents, strength and potential. In my last dream I was shown an angel essay written solely by myself. Well, it inspired me to start doing my homework. It must have been Archangel Uriel’s intervention - who else would have brought such illumination of my mind, set fire on my well developed intention?

Uriel's name means Light of God. He is regarded as one of the wisest archangels because he illuminates situations, brings knowledge and intellectual information, practical solutions, and creative insight. His devotion in caring for the solar plexus chakra in humanity enables us to grow in self-esteem and confidence and stay in harmony with other people.

The feminine aspect of Archangel Uriel's energy is expressed by his twin flame Aurora, which means: dawn. You can call the Lady Aurora for help with new ventures or new beginnings. Thursday is the day when their energy is the strongest on our planet.

Archangel Uriel and Aurora work with the purple and gold ray of wisdom and peace. This is the sixth ray of personality of God, which brings devotion and idealism. This sixth ray, known also as the ruby ray, is connected to the solar plexus. Uriel is constantly helping us to develop and expand the chakra from the yellow of knowledge to the golden level of wisdom. Yellow is the colour of mind. Any negative thoughts can very easily slow down the spinning of the chakra. Less light can be taken in, lower emotions of misery, doubts, fears will govern your life. Negative thoughts and fears very easily can influence other people’s fearful attitude to life, forming clouds of negative energy which can afflict collective consciousness. The Invocation to call his energy in short way indicates how Uriel can enhance our life, if asked.

The six ray of devotion and idealism was the most influential ray in the Piscean Age when Jesus embodied the Christ Consciousness. The highest expression of sixth ray is pure spirituality reached from the level of highest inspiration.

But few people keep their minds in the Light. A three dimensional human-being often is not aware that their thoughts create their own reality and do not do much to control their mind. It is very easy to slip into ego level of interpreting reality, become lost in illusion, The duality of our world presents very thin boundaries between wrong and right to be interpreted solely by one’s mind. One can make mistake even at the level of perception. Intelligent, brainy individuals are especially prone to be caught in illusion. Everyone will have their interpretation of the same issue, and everyone tries to proof that they are right. Meditation, intuition are helping tools to find the right direction, the way of God, which can be a laser shot short, like an innocent child’s remark.

Our personality can be even more distorted by Glamour: to possess more. to be loved more, to be at the top... To combat glamour one has to develop a spiritual attitude to life, focus consciousness on Higher Self all the time to illuminate the mind. The gold of the six ray connects to the soul wisdom and peace, pour the Light into the brain and mind.

For the last 2000 years Uriel has been the essence of transformation. The Earth and humanity were being prepared for the shift in the Consciousness for the new Aquarian era and 2012. Uriel and Jesus/Sananta attracted and inspired missionaries, priests and those who work in service like lawyers, social workers, healers, farmers. Mary Magdalene is now working with Archangel Uriel and Aurora to help the return of the divine feminine. They are re-empowering women, bringing forward the feminine wisdom in men.

Uriel is often painted with a torch or lightening. His element is earth and governs the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. The angels of peace and tranquility act at Uriel‘s command. He aids humanity in soothing conflicts, helps to find serenity, brotherhood and sisterhood. Whenever we ask him to direct his angels to the conflict zone, we can prevent lots of suffering.

Archangel Uriel's retreat is in the Tatra Mountains in Poland. You can go there during meditation or sleep to dissolve fears, break up all mental and emotional chains, melt the tension, sooth all the conflicts in your life, and build up a pool of wisdom and serenity within.

Conclusion. The Tatra Mountain was the most beloved place of retreat for the late Pope Jan Paul II. "Give Him, Lord, a room with a view of Tatra" - was anonymous request on Internet Forum after His death. The Pope was also very devoted to Mather Mary, the Queen of Angels, who has been named The Queen of Poland since 1 April 1656.

My inner knowledge whispers that those connections caused peaceful fall of the Communism, bringing freedom to milliards of people on the global scale. Anti-communism "non-violence" Solidarity labour union began in August 1980. In December 1981 Martial Law was imposed, leaders imprisoned. In November 1982 Lech Walesa was released. On 23 June 1983 the Pope during his visit to Poland meets Lech Walesa in Tatra Mountain. On 22 July 1983 the Martial Law was abolished and amnesty was granted to Solidarity members.

SOLIDARITY days of despair in 1980-89 to Victory, were easier to cope in awareness: The Pope is ours, the Mother of God is the Queen of Poland.

I listened to the Uriel CD guided meditation. I could feel the empowering energy, my head was raised high, but I did not receive much insight. I asked for further illumination to be received during night sleep. Five dreams followed like a life lessons, the places of occurrence were very special.

1st. Monika made a payment, £1 per hour saying "I pay for caring for my baby".
Indeed, last autumn she left her son for a few hours with relatives at my mother's home. I was there caring for my mother, no sleep for many days, not a happy companion was I.
I wanted to join relatives for a while and was so proud to be clearly chosen by baby Nikodem. He was the happiest in my hands. (Last February Nikodem for 2 weeks accompanied my dreams at my home in London. He was in hospital at that time, I learned later. Clearly, he made a jump for healing energy).

2nd. I realized my furniture was taken away from my present home in London lioresal tablet. I rushed outside and noticed that thieves left some pieces of furniture on the road for later collection. Yet the road occurred to be abroad in front of my parents house. I was there calling the police, asking different helpful neighbours to keep an eye on the furniture. At the same time my goods disappeared. I knew the thieves collected them, though they were invisible.

3rd. With a group of students I entered a classroom. A parcel was left on my seat with information: the item inside might suite another person. I was too shy to take it, so others did. Enrolling that Complementary Medicine Diploma Course in Bethnal Green had changed the path of my life.

4th. I saw a photo in an advert about building services in Canada. I overcame my great emotional blockage and for the first time I started to talk to their representative, what a great loss they had caused to me. But I could not continue, I lost my voice, became confused... In reality, many years ago, all my possessions were overtaken by the Canadian on the photo, while he was starting that business. The word “God” was constantly in his mouth. He had never tried to reward the fraud. Long ago I forgave and blessed my loss, yet still active at dream level.

5th. I was alone standing in front of the house where I was born. I felt the need to go to the end of the meadow. In the sky around me there were different sorts of clouds. It was presented to me what kind of rain could fall from each of them. From one cloud, it poured as if an ocean intended to empty itself with almost horizontal strings of water. Yet I started walking ahead and soon the first drops fell. The intensity of the rain made me speed up, although I knew there was no shelter there in front. I still kept running till 3/4 of the distance, then turned back. The ferocity of the rain increased and I could not continue running back.

I do not know if I managed to return back to safety in that dream, I woke up… ugh, quite a lot of insight for one night. However, I asked for this very intensely before going to bed. A lot to comprehend – yet the main messages:
- I do not care about myself at all, at any stage.
- I let others and situations to take advantage of me on every level.
- remove silly carefulness not to get anything if not 1000% clear it’s for me.

I realized that angels remember every moment of life, combine memory with life possibilities to present an insight. During next meditation, I was able to distinguish different levels of awareness, the importance of being highly aware. I learned about cycles which ruled my life. In my case the changes were strongly signaled by angels. I suddenly became aware that I had sold my first flat to Mr Angelewicz. Higher quality of life followed. 11 years later, meeting Mr M. Angel helped me to accept invitation to Canada. It was an incredible lesson of losing and gaining there. Now the Angel Teacher Training Course is another step, changing completely my life activities, guiding me to teaching and writing. The tenant named Angel just moved in, which orchestrates this insight.

In the process of life everything changes, flows. All the time we overgrow something and have to move on. Some loses are inevitable and regret should not drain our energy. Angels support us in the time of uncertainty, can bring guidance, intensify soul call.

Especially Archangel Uriel is helpful in finding the soul purpose for lifetime, then helping in taking 1 step at a time on that life path, if asked. No Being of Light will ever interfere with our free will. So another message: ask your angels, relay on angels, take 1 step and look for the next door to open, do not force the outcome. If in doubt, ask for more clear insight, explanation of any hidden agenda. Do not get trapped into illusion while using only your mind for reasoning.

For example: I interpreted Monika’s payment as an offence and improper attitude towards a guest from London. Without being robbed I felt robbed even of good intention. I wanted to help and get closer to the family. Later, second thoughts arrived.

Monika is in-law part of the family. She felt guilty leaving her new baby, then more guilty that I left my mother to care for her son. Maybe others were not eager? The money was adequate for the job done in that country.
The conclusion?
Be opened, talk more. Strive for deeper insight and understanding, keep your affairs clear.
If only had I said - “I had a nice break playing with your baby in my sad time“. Another obvious insights: I have to take care of myself, I have a great blockage in receiving, I still have to continue clearing up my past emotional blockages.

Solar plexus chakra is your personal power centre and deals with every doubt, threat and bad news. The fears and blockages stored in the solar plexus dictate how life experience is interpreted . Thus in every minute of daily activities EVERY BODY makes contribution to the family, group and world spiritual energy system. Monika emanated negativity, being frustrated even by my help.

If solar plexus chakra is balanced and strong we bathe in a pool of stillness and serenity. It becomes easier to hear the voice of our Higher Self, the source of knowledge, wisdom, love and understanding. From there we can grow in confidence and self-worth. We emanate these qualities on other people. Strive not to creating conflicts while claiming our personal power. May your every word and action rather heal, inspire and comfort others.

Life Cycles

picture of cloverThe two golden keys for healthy lifestyle, wisdom and peace, can be with us permanently with Archangel Uriel’s help. Then love and joy should follow.

During workshops I would advice everyone to ask Archangel Uriel for help in such meditations:
- What life cycles can you distinguish in your life, how prepared you are for the next one?
- See the tops of Tatra reaching the sky, notice how the Earth itself wants to join the Creator. Focus on your past and expected future events, how they can take you closer to God?
- What should I know now?


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