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LONDON, the City of Angels and Olympics

Do NOT Gamble

Do NOT Gamble picture of the book
Price: £2.00

Published: by Trafford, 07/11/2012
Format: PDF E-Book Color
Pages: 68
Size: 8.5x8.5
ISBN: 978-1-4669-1249-6
Print Type: Color

Author: BES and SYRK

May this book finds its way into every pair of hands.

Please be aware that this Children Picture Book is suitable for everyone from the age of four until 104.  It will positively touch every Reader.


Syrk: You will never conquer your EGO, however strong may be your will to win!

Bes: Unless your raise above yourself. You will notice that Beast gliding into your will - but only from higher perspective!

LONDON, the City of Angels and Olympics: Do NOT Gamble!


Bes and Syrk are boarding the Wizz airplane and hey presto – they are coming to London. The feather floating over passenger’s compartment takes away all fears of height and flight. It is a symbol of angelic presence, thus the feeling of safety and good mood prevails; the journey over many countries is much too short for many passengers, especially for Bes.


The moment boys arrive to London Victoria – they both, simultaneously, make the same precious discovery that here must be the secret operation area for Santa.
Indeed, whenever you come to London, please pay attention. You can watch this scenery from top deck of any bus arriving to Bus Victoria Station. The girl on top of the monument will be in front – her hands pointing precisely towards building with sloping roof and the building covered by the cap with a pick instead of a roof.
It is so obvious that that girl is sending secret messages for someone who asks for messages from above. It can only be Santa; the only One who needs in one are a storage, smooth landing facilities, and good distribution network for all these parcels.
Thus, at last, the Christmas mystery is unrevealed now thanks to Bes and Syrk. All the fuss with delivery of gifts went unnoticed for centuries because of such perfect disguise of location – the girl is the key point of this innocent collaboration – London Victoria is the bridge between North Pole and Europe, and possibly the whole world.
Soon they are at Granny’s home; two brothers try to outperform each other in the most creative way.
Syrk, the victory personality, with the help of angels intends to beat his cute younger brother in the competition during eating ice cream; however, there is a little twist to the story. Difficult to judge even for Granny; did they both win or they lost, both?
It is worth to point out that boys try to be also very useful. They were slightly to eager with cleaning the dishes, and . . . but it was that fear of not dropping anything, which caused the disaster.
In addition, Syrk admits that he developed a great phobia of huge London Eye. However, what is the family for? Of course, the family can focus only on one thing – how to care for each other. Granny and Bes have a lot of fun; they plan to cure Syrk, help him to get rid of that ridiculous fear.
Next day they will travel to confront that Eye and give Syrk a gentle support there. 
Bes with Granny plan to pull Syrk on his roller-skates together; from Parliament, over Westminster Bridge towards the South Bank. Syrk is going to resist the movement ahead towards his dread; his mind will be totally occupied, irrational fear cannot act even during that last chance.
That evening, Granny surprised both brothers by giving them all her weekly budget for financial training; under her scrutiny they should learn how to make the most of their assets, how to choose value for money. If one tries to focus positively on economic issues at the early age, they should have clear path to abundance; Granny calculates.
In a very happy mood, everybody went to bed. Yet that surprised even Syrk. During that little disaster with porcelain, Granny uttered an awkward word about him - clumsy boy- and that started to hurt, enormously.
Syrk remembered their commitment, the aim to live in the state of joy and happiness and managed to remove obtrusive unwanted thoughts from his mind. As a reward, he had a very nice dream, in which he experienced again his every success, or may be even more…
First thing in the morning, Syrk discovered the route for airplanes. Granny was very puzzled; she lived in this flat for years but never noticed anything unusual. She contemplates on that route, broadens the idea on life path, in general . . . and on the tasks . . . 
When he is adult, Bes will rescue people, like his idol Spiderman. Syrk pretends, he hasn’t made any plans about his life yet, however he reveals his desire to the readers… 
Well, it sounds great!
Although much later then their primary intention, the group of three eventually left home to challenge that Syrk’s fear of London Eye.  Only just before … behind the Parliament, on Westminster Bridge, according to the plan, Syrk crouched to put on roller-skates . . . 
It looked as if a man supplied a cosmic order to Syrk – just under his very eyes, the man spread a newspaper, placed on it three cups and a ball . . . a simple game that could help Syrk to outperform his brother in financial field.  When Syrk stayed in crouching position, Granny lost the vision of a small boy on overcrowded Westminster Bridge – but he was safe there, occupied with shoes, a yard away from Granny’s feet.
Syrk has never heard about such game, he just arrived to a big city from another country and from a small town. Will the gambler tempt him into the game – such lucrative opportunity?
Will Syrk take the chance to multiply his newly gained fortune?
picture of cloverpicture of cloverpicture of cloverpicture of clover

So why Granny denied this pulsing light over my head? If this is an Orb so why it is so bright! There must be a deeper meaning, are you with me? That’s why I prefer to wait, not to open my heart to my Granny yet, or reveal any hints. My plans for my future is the most important thing to me  . . .  I do not want to set any limits.


If my future or brain can be programmed - like a computer sets path for an airplain. . . or . . . the other way – if your mind or heart can program a path of your future, so maybe only one route the future would keep for me. I would not like to be fixed!

I want to try many ways in my life, to consider every possible potential, to have many goals, to become also a billionaire, and then be able to travel everywhere, to meet every one of you or invite all of you at once to my place, my dear new friends. I want to share everything with somebody sincere and friendly – do you want the same? 

We can become one family on our Mother Earth – is it not what the trees in our forest really tried to convey to us by expressing this wish openly in the language of Light, which splits into colours like dilects? They know that we are writing this book and can pass the idea on others…


When we returned to the table, a pleasant look of the best porcelain with satisfying amount . . . or in another words, much more than average portion of that colourful substance on both plates was awaiting us.

Maybe to boost our appetite Granny mentioned that, “The recent science indicates that actually ice-cream is a very good food for the body, mind . . . and the mood.”

Whoa! This must be the best service science offers to all children. Granny doesn’t have to bribe us into believing it.


We wished to add some extras with the aim of changing that feast into a more pleasurable treat. How should we eat this ice cream?

What else can be invented in this field? How to increase the feeling of well-being, which, at the same time would soar the spirit?


The desire to satisfy all suggestions above . . . and the craving to start eating at once acted like two opposite forces, which were perfectly pointed into the ice cream in the middle and in front of each of us.


Bes bragged about such a method – I will be giving quick pecks with my lips on both sides of my ice cream, in that sequence, one by one, like Martyna once was kissing her newborn brother Hubert on both cheeks.
In between, I will have to lick my lips—to aid into mouth this melted form of precious liquid.
During this first step of digestion, I will enjoy every compound of the portion . . . and . . . it will exercise my tongue.
Can any better, out of the ordinary, ingenious intake plus such adorable side effect be obtained by anyone?


What could I say? It would be such a good occasion to beat Bes . . . at least, in this ice cream eating competition.

But how could anyone outperform my younger brother with this idea of his? My brain was burning with excitement.
However, no enlightenment flashed in to conquer Bes and enhance further this moment to remember.

No more insight on any exceptional manner to get through the process without a tint of sin . . .

I started to feel hot, and that discomfort altogether led my brain into a state of hell.


Remember what Granny once said?
The probability of any danger will activate your angel. My mind by itself gave away such a scream: “Is there any angel expert on eating ice cream? Help me please?”

“You can have whole portion in one passionate kiss,” followed an inner whisper.

“I will have it all in one passionate kiss” – I announced.

Bes picked up his jaw from the floor and continued his process of eating; now almost silently!


I have put on my face the most desperate expression, with my eyes begging for attention; in vain again. My brother robbed me from the possibility of getting my next portion within the next few seconds, and once more gained the position of an apple . . . Ah, I could have kicked myself; it was totally my fault.


I wanted to write – “there is no danger to Bes yet, at this stage,” but I have already heard . . . “What can I tell the doctors?” . . .

It’s how Granny moaned towards Bes. “They will blame me for negligence!”

“Just say simply . . . that a boy’s face . . . got frozen . . . because he was very greedy and . . . because for far too long . . . he buried his mouth . . .”

Very slowly, searching for every single word, Bes struggled to the end of a long sentence.


“Well, I already feel much lighter inside – a kind of warm vibration is flowing through all my cells.”
I was about to share all my feelings, but Bes felt suddenly that it was his duty to finish.

“What you are feeling right now you can call exhilaration because your body has responded to the power of Granny’s intention.”


Even Granny was taken aback; her mouth dropped open for a significant gap.

She gave up on an immediate remark, then got lost in thoughts . . . and, through lack of a better idea of what to say, instead, dropped her eyes as well.


This time our Granny was searching long for words in her vocabulary, she forgot to look up for angelic help. Then provided pretty poor speech in comparison with a phrase we have heard from Bes.


“What we’ve got here is a smart lad, an expert on joy and happiness – a living proof, that such feelings can serve as a broom for sweeping away any fears . . . no, even better, joy and happiness can be more effective – no fear will ever try to enter so happy environment.


“Why to wait after tomorrow?” continued Bes – “if we can feel happy right now, during making plans!

I would blindfold you first, Syrk, then we would take your hands into our hands and with Granny, I will pull you along the Westminster Bridge towards London Eye . . . Watching the pavement will be the only duty left – and this will be your task.”


Oh my, good night!

… Although in the happiest mood, feeling comfortable in bed – the word clumsy tried to pierce my defending shield set up in my head. What I needed now was a good night’s rest, to relax my brain, and return to balance and harmony.

However, the moment I lay down, the c-l-u-m-s y boy started to pave awkwardly its way to my awareness.

It was not negative in my case; just a statement of naked truth Granny has made . . . without realizing what she had said. Yet the emotion of hurt was so rich, stronger than my will or common sense.

Remember, always feel happy the way you are now, at the present moment. From this stage, you can improve and grow smarter . . .

I remembered all those instructions and my own oaths . . . to think positive thoughts as the only way to any success.

Yet it was so difficult to put up with stupid one word, when c-l-u-m-s-y boy bowed his head to me. I was not used to think about myself in such categories!
I forgot to ask Angels for help; they always see the beautiful part of you, yet they are unable themselves to bring that spicy rescue. Angels do not have will at all, they cannot act on their own. It is also good; they will never criticise you.

They just connect any creature to the heart of God – the link of love – as Granny states. "You are the spark of God’s essence lowered down to Earth on the ribbon, which is indestructible . . . and that’s it!
It is your only responsibility in life to pull in that Angel-Love link from God’s heart to your heart. Only then can you take full part in the flow of Life and become the vessel for Abundance – the aim of God’s manifestation for growth. His plan for you is to become as effective as Life; which means God.
Will you remember to keep that channel for God’s love uncluttered?
It depends only on your will, whatever you may think of it, will you remember also this? Your mind is your most precious instrument. What kind of thoughts does it deal with? Are they constructive ones?
Life can be much easier not only for you – your quality of life affects all of us.”


If only could I remember during this evening Granny’s constant teaching and asked for comfort that Angels would bring! But I simply keep forgetting about such rescue in time of need. Instead, I focused only on these instructions from the book one; can you remember them? “One thought at a time, only positive ones, let in one by one.” But CLUMSY was indeed one word, single, lonely – not willing to withdraw – neither negative – just the way you are when you are small and dreaming to be smart.

Clumsy kept piercing the protective shield of mind. The sign at the gate to the brain did not actually address it . . . neither all-additional inner restrictions.
How could I restrain such a clever enemy that can find gaps in perfect arrangements invented by Granny?

That one word with strong determination could spoil not only my night’s rest; the consequences of deprivation of sleep can cause enormous problems for your health . . . , and . . . it started to hurt . . .

At last, I gathered all my strength and with almighty power . . . without addressing any target, I screamed one command: STOOOOP
In my mind only – of course!


The very process of that action squeezed out all my emotions, and . . . the fear must have been gone.

At exactly that moment, all other happy thoughts filled up that free space in my brain as if they were waiting behind the veil.

Actually, I saw myself on the stage with a big note, when the latter was able to sooth and flatter all my senses at once: You are not clumsy at all.”


Who can find the best value for money? Who will make the best choice, which one of you will make the most of his assets?”  

Up and down, on musical scale, the sweet voice has wandered until passed down the motto at the lowest tone . . . the secret of all the secrets.

 It is good to start now, when you are young, to pave your way to Abundance and successful fulfilling life.”


How would you feel in our situation?
Nevertheless, how can we b-o-t-h feel now?

If Granny’s latest audio has been designed to bring us into a state of happier mood . . . it indicates we were undervalued because it took us over the moon!

However, the moment like this made us speechless and motionless; it took our breath away at first.

Visions kept turning around in such a pace . . . I was sometimes unable to switch on – on time – a proper expression on my face.


Under supervision or without, carefully or not, being taught and watched, but at the end it meant – we had even bigger sum of money to spend. We were astounded by the finishing result.

Has ever heavy wallet brought anybody discomfort? The answer is not at all for us.


We figured, that even with stresses that can come with this kind of responsibility, the future could only mean, “What a wonderful perspective!”

Shall we try to outdo each other? Possibly, yes . . . yes! Why not?


Once more, “How can I best outperform Bes again?”

Should I send such a request to financial angelic specialists for help? In my opinion better not.




Maria D. Georga
"Winner of ''50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading" 2012 Contest"
Location: Athens,Greece

LONDON, the city of Angels and Olympics: Do NOT Gamble

 Through the Eyes of 2 Kids...., December 20, 2012

This review is from: LONDON, the city of Angels and Olympics: Do NOT Gamble (Kindle Edition)

This story follows the first book, Invitation to London. It is great to see how the experience of landing to London is being described when filtered with the eyes of 2 young children. What they can see that adults never see. Grandmother keep up with the good work of mentoring. It seems that the seeds of spirituality is being planted in both kids and the seeds started flourishing. Expressions like "We are all One" when written or spoken from kids excite the reader. Through the description of London site seeing and ordinary home time a lot of spiritual exercise is being done. A sweet grandmother who between kitchen and living room speaks quotes of wisdom in a simple way helps her grandchildren built a solid base for themselves in order to turn them to strong and happy adults.



Published: by Trafford, 07/11/2012
Format: PDF E-Book Color
Pages: 68
Size: 8.5x8.5
ISBN: 978-1-4669-1249-6
Print Type: Color
Author: BES and SYRK

At the age of 4 or 5, a tiny shy girl made a commitment to God that she would write books to influence the world.

She has kept that moment in her memory being constantly aware of her broken promise.


Now as her grandsons are at the same age, Granny decided to speak through them.

Yet her greatest desire is that: May this book find its way into every pair of hands - from the age of four until 104. It will positively touch everybody’s life.

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