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About these books

All children books by Bes and Syrk will guide you how to create happiness, bring joy and fun to daily life. Books are laden with universal truth, humour, and entertainment, sometimes not so obvious. You will discover more and more due to your personal growth.

Books are suitable for all ages: kids and teens, Adolescence & Teenagers; for those looking for Juvenile Nonfiction, or bedtime Stories to read for grandchildren.

In December 2012, we are entering a New Age of Spirituality, where there is no need for Stress Management.
Higher state of Consciousness will flower into our Health and Wellbeing, increase awareness of our body; the need to attune better to current physical and spiritual opportunities.

These Nonfiction, Self-Help books are the perfect tool for Personal Growth as they are rooted in the wisdom of two Bibles: The Holy Bible and Christ Consciousness.
The latter is a simplified version of A Course in Miracles – the modern Bible dictated telepathically by Jesus to a Professor of Michigan University.

These books guide every Reader to spiritual life based on ethics & morals, acceptable by every Religion.
The Author intends to create one family on Earth, as every-thing is equal, a cell of ONE-BODY.
Everybody is equal – however, before birth, every one of us had chosen a very unique soul path; only there one can be truly happy and radiate joy.

You will be uplifted, grow your Self-Esteem, become aware that every moment of life with smile radiates sunshine to others, which comes back to you in multiplied amount.
This is how we can affect the world, tighten family relationships and increase interpersonal skills backed up by pure intentions. Syrk remembers to share every useful advice with others even at the moment of his personal distress.

Books are motivational, creative; will pick you up instantly into higher vibration and mood. Divine iconography and poetical inspiration bring for kids New Spirituality, increase inner light, awareness of Divine – angelic help available at every moment (that is true, Granny was able with angelic help to thread the needle at first attempt without light at night, after successful sequence during afternoon and dusk).

'London, the City of Angels and Olympics' will assure correct pattern of thinking and child’s development. However, there is no illusion that life is easy, unless you take it easy by being able to change your attitude, adapt to temporal discomfort, or transform adversity into something beneficial.

You may notice that Bes and Syrk, even Granny – the Angel, thanks to their own mistakes and failures, have raised to the level where they feel entitled to teach passionately about fears, positive thinking, denial, ego . . ., but at the same time of giving those precious lessons, again, every one of them becomes a victim of these human vices.
The latter will always glide on your path as inseparable part of soul growth. Mostly that will force you to make choices, which picture who you are & who you become.

Because it is so difficult to ... just stand up and go, forgive yourself, do not blame anybody for your failures, remember only your lesson and try not to repeat the same mistake twice. To be able to notice these foibles, strive to be aware of them relentlessly, learn to be detached and, from higher perspective, watch the signs and yourself walking along your path.


And you need to learn to listen … to your inner Self, to Angels, to your intuition … and more then often you will need to rely on Faith, but with practice you will learn when, and how to discern. Books will also soar your spirit into higher frequency, whatever your age, as somebody said on amazon.es.com – it will make you feel good instantly.

The front cover of 'London, The City Of Angels And Olympics: Invitation to London'presents the Statue with Olive Branch an Olympic wreath. These two hardly visible black Statues at the front (see the round picture on top of this webpage), are part of the Queen Victoria Memorial in front of the Buckingham Palace.

The blue unusual ORB-Light bathing the hand holding the Symbol of Peace symbolically ensures Peace for London Olympics. Granny adds that everyone participating in Olympic Event will become like Olympic Torch, spreading Enlightenment in their homeland, all over the globe – the necessity to secure expansion of the Golden Age http://viagraspills.com/.....

After Olympics, Invitation to London calls even stronger for attention without additional words; come and absorb, at the Source, that anchored energy of success for your personal growth.

In addition, no need to repeat that London is the Earth Star Chakra of our globe – every psychic agrees on this.

The cover of the second book Do NOT Gamble, eventually presents the Olympic Torch above the Memorial, as if handed over by Angels to the Torch bearer.

The front and back cover of the third book, by Xlibris, implies movement – there are no borders at upper level of the London, The City Of Angels And Olympics: Towards Greatness. The message from the title and the book itself merge with eternal infinite.

During reading, these symbols and many other universal truths will easier pass the barrier to your subconscious mind.

The text often creates adequate situation when the Reader’s conscious mind is lost in deeper thoughts, or awkward expression, or a little mix of the same words with different meaning at the same part of the page; the end justifies the means. "This is our magic! Our unique stone in the avalanche of International Literary Prose" - this is what Granny states.

Bes and Syrk start the first book in a simple awkward style, but we can feel how they are overwhelmed, overexcited by sudden possibility of traveling to London, to that unfamiliar greatness.
Later, they will compete how to be more cute, what to say to make stronger impression; it is clearly win-lose competition so far. Luckily, no one gets lost in the position of the looser; each boy becomes more alert and struggles to create a better image of himself.

Pay attention to that alertness in part 3, Towards Greatness: "The silence became awkward, then I shrugged suddenly, 'Who can tell me?'
It was Granny again, ending my reflection on her recent observation."

Each book does reflect the spirit of the boys Bes and Syrk.
Granny attunes to the level of inner child during writing these books for children.

In a nutshell, this is a genuine story – slightly exaggerated by Granny.
So far, there are three parts of the book LONDON, the City of Angels and Olympics, with Subtitles: Invitation to London, Do NOT Gamble, Towards Greatness; published by Trafford 8.5x8.5, and Xlibris 11x8.5.
Four further parts are coming soon.

Paperback is available at Publishers Bookstore and online in many countries – write in your browser: Bes and Syrk, and the title.

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