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About the Author

Pen name: Bes and Syrk

A tiny girl used to read the Bible for her uncle. Although she was very shy, she argued a lot with that uncle about Divine concepts; her religion was slightly different. The girl of 4 or 5 yearned to defend her church teaching; then she pondered on Bible’s readings so as to have better arguments during the next heated discussion. Hence, contemplating about the world as God’s creation has become a habit for her, a way of interpreting the reality.

Once in a field, being mesmerized by a beauty of a moment, she suddenly raised her hands and made a commitment to God that she would write her own book to influence the world.

In few years, the family build their new home there; the windows overlook that spot in the field.

Life unfolded into a chain of incredible synchronicities for the girl; a course of miracles. She wove many pictures of Jesus and other Saints, yet she could never force herself into writing. At the same time, the memory of unfulfilled commitment was extremely uncomfortable. 
In her fifties, after entering the social circle of Grannies, she paid attention to a title: A Course in Miracles. Granny learned that the book was dictated telepathically by Jesus to the Professor of Michigan University. The teaching honours and recognizes all religions and all Spiritual paths, for they all lead to the same place.

Granny bought the book;  it must be difficult to read and comprehend for everyone. (If you are interested, please choose the first edition. Free download.)

An American spiritual teacher and prolific writer, Joshua David Stone with Gloria Excelsias, took the essence of the Course's teaching and created a short 100-page eBook of 30 Essential Lessons with exercises easy to understand and follow. It teaches that feelings, emotions, behaviour . . . all come from your thoughts, then influence greatly everybody’s life.
Thus, control your mind – do not allow fear, selfishness, ego, illusion – control you. The book under new title: Christ Consciousness is available for free download at www.iamuniversity.org

Such teaching has gained a lot of popularity, however has not changed anybody in Granny’s environment.  Like with healthy diet, people pay eagerly for books, workshops, courses – and lead the same style of life – Granny herself is the best example.

Hence, Granny thinks that such wisdom should soak into consciousness during childhood; it must be implemented into at least three weeks to create a habit.

Our Granny was just reading the lines how to create more cheerful and successful life, when Daddy of Bes and Syrk raised fears about possible troubles during holidays; the boys were going to spend long time with Granny in London.

In front of her eyes, Granny kept the solution to the habitual, negative ego thinking of her son. In that instant, she decided to write a few books for children. There, she could incorporate all her insight and practical wisdom from two Bibles; as a help to improve relationships in families, raise awareness that all children should live in optimistic environment, whatever the challenges are.

The books sound as if written by children for children. During writing, Granny attunes to her inner child to match the level of spirit of her own grandchildren. Thus, her books reflect the personality of the boys in the pictures: Bes and Syrk.

In general, the books are genuine. Into the lines, Granny has interwoven issues that can be unrevealed during long process of personal growth of the reader, issues about ego, denial, low self-esteem, win-lose competition…,  During the game of the same words with different meaning, the reader can sometimes get caught into awkwardness of expression, but by being lost in thought – the Divine teaching soaks into subconscious. Personal development and transformation based on highest moral values taken from two Bibles is the goal of these books. Only then did Granny see her Angel, when she got completely lost in a depth of very simple but funny thought.

Granny feels confident about her writing because she feels inspired by the Divine; during such time she is mesmerized by fluorescent colours of beauty. She has also created many Divine tapestries. You can see them in the Gallery in this website. The pain in her heart acted as the engine and a knowing how to do it - because Granny cannot draw any pictures.

As Granny mastered economy and additionally followed the teaching of the greatest spiritual gurus, thus you can also treat seriously any advice in this book on building up an abundant and successful life in both, spiritual and material terms.

Granny herself reads her own book to shift into higher realm, into cheerful mood while dealing with obstacles . . . and later falls back into traditional behaviour. We need to illuminate children – they will learn and emanate new way of thinking from the level of Christ Consciousness – the decision taken in the heart, based on energy at the frequency of Love or Compassion, creating JOY and HAPPINESS for everybody involved into any  relationship.


In short, Granny lives in London, UK. She started to read at the age of three and couldn't part with any book - until the time came when she had to win some bread. She graduated from Economic Academy in Katowice - however after successful years of management in industry, her dreams sent her to London. Here, following the guidance from above, Granny switched to Complementary Medicine and Healing. Then she buried herself totally in Spirituality. Eventually became a Teacher on Angels, Ascension, with Diana Cooper School. Now Granny cannot wait for the magical new life to blossom during New Golden Era of happiness and abundance, the true reality in God’s creation – starting on 21st December 2012.

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